Influencer Marketers use brand messaging to engage with their target audience.


Believe it or not, not everyone is on social media everyday.


Really, believe it. As an influencer, you may be online everyday, its your serves no purpose not to be but your regulars, those followers of yours that want to hear from you, may miss a few days.


Most have profiles on more than one social media platform but may not continually search on it and may miss your next message, post or live video.


All the latest trends of eggs and what name do you hear, well, lets just say there’s a lot of digital clutter out there and as an influencer you want every edge you can to tear through it.


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That’s where a customized mobile pass comes in. By taking the back of the pass and using it as a mini-hub, sharing your collection of profile pages, all in one place with all the technology that both Apple and Android have to offer.


This mobile pass moves fluidly from one campaign to another and has messaging capabilities that are right on the lock screen.


Influencer Marketers use Brand Messaging on the Lock Screen 1



The lock screen is prime real estate on any device and that just one of the many ways you get an edge over other influencers.

Now I say edge but in really its the best KPI out there.

It engages with your target audience and amplifies your brand – two key KPIs needed to make your an outstanding influencer marketer.

See how Influencer, Kim Stuart uses it to update her audience of her next article.


Influencer Marketers use Brand Messaging on the Lock Screen 2


These customized passes work with proximity and geo fencing triggers – reminding your audience base of when and where you will be next.

Here’s the mini-hub with  all the social media profiles from a customized mobile pass:


Influencer Marketers use Brand Messaging on the Lock Screen 3



A mobile channel is part of the overall strategy for key influencers, like yourself. This strategy raises your presence and  provides KPI that can’t be beat.


We are always around to take a call to discuss how a mobile channel works with both brand influencers and ambassadors to be sure they come ahead and get the most influence possible.