Now that you have released your podcast on iTunes…what do you do next?

I come across this question often enough in podcast-related groups that there’s a usual amount of questions where community members ask:

Are you getting extra milage out of New and Noteworthy section?

Are you waiting for those downloads to keep coming?

Does everyone on social media know that your podcast has arrived!?!

But what happens after your iTunes marketing strategy dries up and podcast downloads stops, have you thought of that?

Well you should! Podcasters that find success  go beyond a typical iTunes marketing strategy by delivering their own traffic to it by providing a mobile experience.

They do it by finding their own traffic and downloads to their podcast using a Podcast Marketer pass. This is a mobile marketing strategy that works far past any iTunes marketing strategy and its mobile-engaged.

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How does it work?

A Podcast Marketer pass works on mobile – where most of your listens happen, over 80% of them.

The podcast market has exploded over the last couple of years and podcasters are seeking alternative methods to monetize and get more downloads.

Here are some ways to beef up your iTunes marketing strategy:

  • Podcast Marketer pass who ever you meet – all over social media simply pass the pass!  Just one tap!
  • Be part of a podcast distribution network. Looking to monetize your podcast?

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  • Do you have a large budget? Not all of us do. Facebook carousel ads could work or Google paid search if your podcast is a small enough niche where keywords are cheap and thats a big if

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Just like your other digital properties, getting listeners to your own podcast is the best way to monetize it. It takes time a commitment to developing a podcast and keeping it fresh week after week.

Developing an iTunes marketing strategy that works with a Podcast Marketer pass and dynamic ads through networks should be part of any mobile experience