That’s right.  We’re back to harp on podcast stats again.

You might think we just love to harp about podcast stats, and you might just be on to something… we’ve written previously about how can gauge your podcast stats to see whether or not you’re successful with your show – but we also ran across an article by Jay Baer the other day, that pulls in some research about podcasts and the listener profile as a whole.

To illuminate this podcast statistic slightly more, 69% of weekly podcast listeners consume five shows or fewer. This has important consequences for podcast producers, as new podcasts being launched today may need to steal listeners from older shows, the same way that new blogs poach readers from blogs that have been around longer.

You might want to read the rest of the article, we suggest it.

What this indicates is that podcasts are starting to reach saturation levels, at least among those who already listen to podcasts.  While there is certainly a greenfield opportunity here to acquire non-users, marketing your podcast becomes a bit more important – even though we know that there is no “build it and they will come” that actually works in marketing these days.

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57 million Americans listen to podcasts regularly.  That’s roughly the same number of people who play fantasy sports.  I know, crazy, eh?

The average listener consumes 5 shows weekly.  That is just nuts.  Who in the world has time to listen to 5 podcasts each week?  I’m not saying the research is wrong, I’m just saying that I find it truly gobsmacking that this is the case.

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11% of Americans aged 55+ listened to a podcast last month.  Love it! THIS is a huge opportunity!!!!  No one has the amount of free time that a retired person has (don’t get me started on purposely unemployed or underachieving folks), and the aging baby boomer demographic is getting more connected by the day, thanks to the giant screen of the iPhone 6 and 6+.

If you’ve already launched your podcast, we hope that you’re having a lot of success with it – if you’re thinking about launching one, we’d suggest you get on that.  Soon.  And in either case, you’re going to need to market it – the iTunes discovery process is pretty much a disaster, there’s a rumor that maybe they’re going to do something new with it, but nothing concrete yet.  Just a focus group and a NY Times article.  So we’ll see.