Real estate lead generation tools are abundant in the marketing place to ultimately follow up using lots to social media and mobile tactics to capture and engage to ultimately gain a sale.

Developing a pipeline of prospects once captured using lead generation is putting a property pass URL directly into your email template on any mail or CRM systems that realtors use.

Some of the tools that we’re discussing are Contactually, Scale Mail, Many Contacts, Mail Chimp,, Rapportive – any CRM – works well with property passes. 


Add the URL right into the email templates of any CRM to maintain those relationships in your network by following up with the next property pass ready to go when you reach out to your network. The buyer’s journey uses a mix of marketing channels.

As an agent its still wise to distribute a property pass using signage, door hangers and direct mail with a scan to the QR code and by providing customized URLs.

iBeacons for property listings can be set when touring the home. Open House salutations are a way that welcomes prospects in your network to further develop relations.


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With a customized URL, keep track of the property pass with metrics of each campaign thats sent with email blasts. Realtors building and manage your client relations.

Nurture your prospects and leads directly on the property pass. The backside holds other digital channels that show the property off right on the phones with direct links.

Have prospects tour the property in one tap – right off the property pass.

Labeled back of pass

To Implement a nurture client engagement towards mobile makes an impact with results.

Many savvy top producers use these mobile strategies to create long term relationships with their prospects and clients to gain advantage over their competition.

Mobile is the digital channel is easy to distribute to prospects right from your CRM as adding the property pass URL right into follow up templates or in an email blast, giving your prospects your latest great property listing.

One more thing, as this is executes a mobile strategy is  – once its installed on a prospects phone its can be replaced one property listing for the next, fluidity.

Property Listing Pass Front

Then once prospects start appearing at your Open Houses, the pass works with iBeacons allowing you to send them salutation messages further developing your relations with them by making the salutation feel welcoming of their new home.


Emails and mobile are the most effective lead generation methods and when working in tangent together you can imagine that the effectiveness is off the charts.


By having share strategies on the property pass creates diversity in marketing your property listing.

A property pass share features allows for easy social shares that are mobile first strategies along the buyers journey.


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It makes it easy for marketing to be developed on various marketing/digital channels. with emails and mobile on the forefront.

The property pass has call-to-actions for prospects to get in touch with you by to call or email all in one tap. Take your leads by the horn and promote to them they way want, through mobile.

Talk to our team to see how techie top producers use a mobile strategy and we know what works and what doesn’t.

Drive more leads using mobile today!