By using a mobile pass life coaches can store course material right on clients device.

By now the sales cycle is complete, a prospect is now converted through your funnel and its time to provide them with course material to the seminar, webinar or workshop, whatever the case may be.

Providing a client with course material that connects using a mobile device is   a luxury so take advantage of it by organizing a mobile pass that works for your course or workshop.

A mobile pass can be customized to be a course outline with in the formatted ways that clients expect with pdfs, video tutorials with direct links right on the pass.

Just to elaborate, these course passes can store any forms  – even if they are located in a separate app with one tap the app will launch providing a smooth client journey.





Coaches, use simple reminders that are directed to the lock screen, clients will call attention to the messages to complete their homework.



By continuing to organize a course pass, its easy enough to create another pass that works for tutorials whether it be in a video or podcast format, listen or watch links will keep tutorials connected with your clients.



These tutorial passes with additional video content on it , again giving daily reminder os each video and in which order to watch them can make the most to benefit your clients in developing their skills and create a positive daily habits.

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As a life coach relationship building by engaging them and strengthening their daily outlook and to connect with them is reach out with daily motivated notifications.

Notifications can also go out as proximity triggers using iBeacon technology. If a workshop or seminar offers more than one track & last minute changes occur, its as easy as filling out a form and submitting it – then the notification is seen right on the lock screen to all those attending – keeping them informed.

Courses, seminars and workshops, use this mobile strategies to connect directly with the clients to keep them informed by providing with reminders and information that works in today’s mobile tech world – easily, – as easy as filling out a form.



We’ve worked with many of companies of all sizes to work through organizing passes our experience of knowing what works and doesn’t will benefit you.