Location based engagement works with the iPhone and Apple Watch. 

Location Based Engagement for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

If you are a real estate broker or agent, you can take advantage of location-based engagement to upgrade your service offering to your clients, putting you heads and shoulders above your competition!

We’re all familiar with the axiom of “it’s location, location, location”; well, it’s even more true now that we have the ability to communicate with prospects and clients based on their location.

The ever-evolving world of location-based services relies on the use of GPS, and other means, to determine location and then provide contextually meaningful information at the right time and place.  This is what we like to refer to as location-based engagement.

Ultimately, despite the anxiety that people have for revealing their locations, the success of location based engagement is fundamentally the ease with which timely and useful information is being made available to users, and that is valuable!

First, let’s cover some basics on how this works.  Geofencing is a term that is frequently used to refer to the use of location for notifications. The best way to think of geofencing is as a ‘virtual fence’ that you cross over when you get close to a specific location.

To simplify – geofencing is outdoors while beacons are for close proximity indoors or out.
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Although the term geofencing covers any location determination method, it generally applies to GPS derived positions (for ranges of hundreds of meters from a point of interest), rather than proximity-based locations, such as beacons, for example. Beacons, including Apple’s iBeacon, are small Bluetooth radios that are detected by people’s phones when they are close by (that offer ranges in the meters to tens of meters.)

Here’s an example of using geofencing with your listing pass – you enter the GPS coordinates and the notification to be displayed on the phone into the listing pass, this is easily done in seconds using your pass management admin.

You distribute the pass to your prospects via email, ads, text, MLS listing, L2L, etc.
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When prospects arrive at that location, their phone displays your message onto the lock screen. You can push any message you want, and the message links the user to the listing pass in the phone. This message could simply be “Welcome, you’ve arrived”, or “What a great neighborhood!”.

The key is that it presents the user with a direct link to the listing pass and all the relevant information and links in one location.

Now, here’s where the flexibility of our system really shines!  Each pass can have up to 10 location notifications, so you can add locations of interest such as:

  • schools
  • shopping
  • other local services

You can even enter the locations of comparable properties that were recent sales – wow, talk about marketing engagement! Each location attached to a pass is another opportunity to inform and engage buyers.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Rather than creating a specific listing pass, you can create a pass for similarly priced properties in a neighborhood, or even various neighborhoods, and each location will trigger a unique message to the user’s phone.

This great feature allows you to create and distribute these various ‘group’ passes to prospects looking for properties at a certain price point or neighborhood.

They will be alerted when they become available – all part of your new and ongoing location-based engagement with your clients and prospects!


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