Continue to build customer loyalty program with a mobile experience by using loyalty program strategies.

There are a list of ways to get your customer to actively participate in loyalty program deployment. After all, if no one uses the program, it’s a failure.

Just for review, the successful tactics when setting up a loyalty program strategies are ones that deliver a mobile experience that makes it EASY to:


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SMBs – Where do you start? 

By looking to deploy the loyalty program in an easy way that will build Brand awareness that drives customer loyalty delivered right to mobile.

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Companies like Starbucks and Sephora kick off their loyalty programs using a mobile experience. I’ll go through their methods used to confirm joins, engage and share with their member base to create a loyalty programs that brings with it a sense of community.

It all starts at the customer level with employees making first contact as Brand advocates for the company. They are the ones to encourage people to join in an easy manner.

Offer an immediate reward to join. Incentivize is the key to build loyal program deployment. 

Over the years, Starbucks Rewards  has refined the process to onboard member with a mobile experience. Tactics such as an extra shot in your coffee, a free coffee on your birthday or a mobile coupon with  2 for 1 discounts  are all incentivized ways that are all seen on a mobile device. 

Sephora offer immediate rewards to join their Beauty Insider program with 75,000 Sephora loyalty card members flocked to the mobile wallet in the first five days.

They did a lot to promote mobile experience.

Distributing a mobile wallet pass is as easy as an email or text, In fact, a mobile experience is scanning the QR code or even passing Beauty Insider pass through Airplay. – Now that is easy!

Mobile capabilities to enhance a consumer experience is the success behind Sephora’s Beauty Insider.

An incentivize to join is offering a free gift and immediate engage with the new member by sending a mobile coupon with a today only discount is the edge they have  building up joins.

Sephora engages right to mobile by asking their happy loyal users who just made their first purchase to share their happiness onto social media.

A mobile wallet pass fits into loyalty programs because SMBs can engage right on the lock screen.

There are share features to pass the mobile or right to social. Facebook, Twitter or Instagram share features are imbedded technology that works right into a pass that a social media presence is a steady reminder of why Brands get more exposure to show how great they are and keeps people coming back to you over your competitors.

Starbucks wants you to take photos of misspelled names on their cups to Instagram them. A great way to acquire more followers to their Starbucks Rewards program.

Sephora has developed a buzz about their beauty insider program which starts at the employee level, Sephora is highly motivated to by experience is we see in their rewards program.

By offering free bonus birthday gift, seasonal discounts is just the start of rewarding customers, Sephora encourages sharing features that will add followers to their

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Use mobile updates to engage to thank new members – right on the lock screen, is an invaluable tool that all loyalty program deployment should not ignore.

Not only can you thank them, remind them of the next promotion and fluidity from one ad campaign to the next which is as easy as filling out a form.



Customers that actively participate in loyalty program deployment are more fulfilled and are likely to come back to your company instead of your competitors.