When it comes to marketing strategies, as a seasoned marketer, I know the landscape is not rolling fields, there’s a lot of trial and error and if you were to lay it out on a graph, it would look like more of a range is more mountain-esc. Once you find a steady trend, ride it until it falls off.

Some marketing strategies scenes look more sharp terrain rather than rolling fields. Easily shown from analytic graphs:

Marketing Strategy Landscape Scenes 1


A more spiked marketing strategy landscape

Marketing Strategy Landscape Scenes 2



I recall as a child watching a game called Cliffhanger on the show, The Price Is Right. There is a mountain climber going up a cliff and the contestants task is not to let the mountain climber fall off the cliff or its game over.


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Marketing channels run the same way, working the trends on the daily, take advantage of it until it falls off.


There’s a lot of trail and error when using various marketing tactics to create engagement and increase ROI.

The highs and lows of digital marketing are for real, stretching that piece of content for all its worth while riding the trend – well that’s strategy success.

“It’s so much better to try, fail, revise and try again then spend all of your time debating and never actually doing……I’m deciding and reacting to figure it out.” GaryVee

and that’s what those graphs represent. Finding what works and ride it until it drops off, it may come back uphill.

Now enter mobile marketing. The results are in:


Up, up and more UP!

Marketing Strategy Landscape Scenes 3

Mobile is single handedly the most popular choice no matter the age, everyone is into it. Tech companies prefer that sites are adapted to mobile or risk not being ranked in search engines as Google. Be sure you prep your marketing collateral to be displayed onto mobile.


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Marketing to mobile is no longer a risk your business can afford to ignore. The value to your client base is too high as devices are the forefront of where our eyes look, take advantage of that.


The ability to reach and engage using mobile-built mechanisms generate a 90% hyper retention rate, that’s super high, it means 9 out of 10 clients will see your next promotion and the one after that and the one after that as passes stay on the phone making it easy to rinse, wash and repeat.

There are a few indicators that we identify when strategizing what’s working:


  • Identify and marketing to your demographic
  • Targeted messaging
  • Fluidly move from one ad campaign to the next


There’s an influx from effective mobile marketing tactics, to get your company’s message across to them. There’s no one way but many ways for businesses to take advantage of the up trends onto mobile.



Be sure your business on the mobile track to take advantage of uptrends when they hit because the last thing you want, it to get hit from behind and fall off the cliff.