Its no secret that podcast market is booming.

Everyone I’m speaking to lately has a podcast or is researching starting one. Maybe its because I’m speaking to more podcasters out there who are looking for mobile marketing that will boost their stats.

A Podcast Marketer pass will integrate with your podcast distributors sponsors, shares on social media  while not relying on iTunes to be found.

Podcasting takes a real commitment to manage its success. Only about a third of podcast listed on iTunes are actually active, meaning there are many abandoned podcasts out there.

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Podcast promotion and dedication with fresh content every episode is what it takes. Podcast stats only go so far, and podcast distributors, those with the sponsors, are now whats the driving force towards earning money for your podcast.

Much of the growth in podcasting we are projecting for this year rests on the shoulders of the content creators because ultimately a flood of audio consumers…will be short-lived if the presentation, production and focus of the content cannot hold listener interest.

Dave Van Dyke, President Bridge Ratings

By 2018 podcast ad spends are expecting to be near $250 million per year given the current podcast distributor strategy, if nothing changes with iTunes. An overall, programmatic ad spend forecast to hit $25 billion.

According to EMarketer,

Mobile will continue to be a key driver of programmatic’s growth through 2018. This year, mobile programmatic ad spending will grow 65.7% to $17.70, far exceeding desktop spending levels, which it overtook last year. Desktop programmatic advertising is still growing, but at a decreasing rate. By next year, mobile will account for about three-quarters of all programmatic ad spending, while desktop will account for just one-quarter.

85% of listens are on a mobile device,

Mobile marketing should be part of any podcast strategy, just like your other digital properties, getting listeners to your own podcast is the best way to monetize it. It takes time a commitment to developing a podcast and keeping it fresh week after week.

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Our Podcast Marketer pass uses mobile updates to inform listeners of our next episode.

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