Ok, this is definitely not the usual thing that we talk about when it comes to concierge marketing, but wow – this really caught our collective eye, and we thought we’d share.  Anyone in the FL area already might consider it – and we’d also bet that Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington and Oregon are also prime targets for medical tourism, given the nature of their climate and population makeup.

If you’re looking to broaden your horizons, this also makes me think about the aging population in the US, and the potential for concierge services (which I see growing like mad, everything from day sitting with memory challenged patients to ride providers for medical appointments)…

The report recommends that Florida build a broader statewide brand promoting itself as a health and wellness destination. It points out that medical tourism is about more than just the medical procedure. Patients and their families need a place to stay. They also need transportation, meals, recreational opportunities and houses of worship. The study suggests that towns and cities focus on coordinated community concierge services.

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We’re still trying to figure out when medical tourism shifted TO the US instead of away from it.  Seems like just a couple of years ago where the cougar population was being courted for Mexican dental work and Thai boob jobs.