Mobile Ad Breakdown

How to fluidly move from one mobile ad campaign to the next.

For maximum results, we are believers in timing mobile ad campaigns.

Easily moving from one promotion to another is an effective way to gain more revenue and keep consumers loyal to your brand. To really resonate with your consumers and is easy to do on mobile take a look at how Cannabis Wallet used their pass to move from one ad campaign to the next one. 


As seen below in Figure A, we start with the Cannabis Wallet company logo, tag line and QR code for distribution. Figure B moves on to what a mobile pass looks like when changing the front logo and finally in Figure C, the fluid transition appears with a new tag line.



 Figure A                                      Figure B                                      Figure C

How to: Mobile Ad Breakdown 1


Cannabis Wallet wanted to update its clients of the latest political U.S. news of the Hemp farm bill passing, Here is the article page used to base the latest mobile pass on:

Hemp Hemp Hooray! Farm Bill Looking for a Signature



Within a social media campaign, as many bloggers know, it is easy to adapt the cover image of the Farm Bill article, seen above. For such platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, share features make it easy to add it onto profile pages.

In fact, here’s the Instagram story as it was promoted:


How to: Mobile Ad Breakdown 2



Now, changing the front of a mobile pass is just the first part of what a mobile pass can do, the back of the pass is changed to the latest article, in this case being the farm bill article and provides ways to share it through social media as seen below in Figures D, E and F.


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 Figure D                                      Figure E                                     Figure F


How to: Mobile Ad Breakdown 3


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As a mobile ad campaign there are additional benefits as the reminder of a new article on the lock screen allowing consumers to be aware of the next campaign. This single line has emoji’s so its sure to be eye catching.


How to: Mobile Ad Breakdown 4




You’ll be surprised how well consumers react to a mobile ad campaign. When moving fluidly from one ad campaign to another, there are three parts to consider for maximum results that engage and trigger consumers.  The lock screen reminder, informing the consumer of the promotion as seen in Figure G. From the the front of a mobile pass is changed to match the promotion with an image and tag line changes, seen in Figure H. The back of a mobile pass reflects the latest article, along with share features and podcast listen links.


 Figure G                                      Figure H                                     Figure I


How to: Mobile Ad Breakdown 5


That’s how fluid a mobile ad campaign is. If you’re curious how this will work with your business, call us, give us your idea  or you can drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what will work and what won’t in your situation.