Use your mobile business card to get things done.

It’s hard to stand out in the world today, and if you’re relying on paper business cards to keep yourself and your business at the forefront, you’re doing it wrong.  We love a beautiful calling card, no doubt, but in this mobile world that moves at the speed of light, it’s a very outdated manner of trying to maintain contact with important people.

Mobile business cards are up to the minute updated.

This pretty much sums up the entire reason for creating, having and using a mobile business card.  It’s a simple, easy, and easy to use lifeline for you and your business contacts (or your personal contacts, nothing wrong with wanting to keep family and friends updated) to share info quickly and easily.

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Killing trees is such an ugly thing in the mobile world we live in – and trust us, we love a great looking hand engraved stationery as much as the next guy.  We just know that everything, and everyone, moves way too fast for paper on a lot of fronts these days.


Here is a list of 5 quick things you can reasonably expect to do with a mobile business card (just in the first ten minutes of having one):

1 – Connect with contacts using a wide variety of methods to get them to add your mobile business card to their mobile phone wallet.

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2 – Update all these contacts with your latest, newest, best contact info.

3 – Broadcast offers, ideas, educational material and more to your contacts.

4 – Push CTAs that get fantastic results – click to call, click to email, click to get a map with driving directions.  Launch YouTube, FB, LinkedIn or nearly any other app that a mobile phone can recognize.

5 – Offer your contacts flash sales, special deals, loyalty program opt in, and nearly anything else that the phone can recognize as a link to do something.

BONUS BIG IDEA – Drive traffic to your content!

There are many kinds of traffic, and many types of content, but the key here is to connect the two things with the smartest, easiest – not to mention cheapest – way possible.

If you’re a content marketer, an online coach, a digital marketer, a brick and mortar business owner, a copy writer, a prolific Pinner with a following (or you just want to be), an advocate for cannabis related causes, a person with a vested interest in sharing social issues for the greater good, or simply want to make sure that everyone you know keeps up with what you’re doing…


BAM!  The mobile business card is your answer.