The impact of Zillow and social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook have changed the way real estate is sold, even from just ten years ago.

Its made both home buyers and agents become more tech-savvy – the time is now for agents to move forward with a mobile experience.

Home buyers wanting a mobile experience, give it to them with a Property Pass using mobile marketing strategy. A Property Pass sits inside prospective home buyers’ mobile wallet means higher quality leads and integrates with your current real estate marketing. 

A mobile experience means a higher quality lead right from the get-go. A Property Pass captures home buyers attention by engaging right on their lock screen with mobile updates that are used in a variety of ways. This mobile strategy is easy to set up and these are homebuyers that want to hear from you, your next listing is just a refresh of a Property Pass!

Mobile updates inform prospects of any changes to the property as open house dates. A mobile experience includes a slew of other cool tech touch points that make a Property Pass an attractive for prospective homebuyers to use.

A Property Pass offers share feature to pass the pass on all social media platforms and from phone to phone.


Prospective home buyers are only a tap a way with direct line to you by phone or email.


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A property pass will lead the way to more closings as it provides a value and rememberable mobile experience to continue long-term relationships.

A property pass converts from one pass to another -homebuyers will see a mobile update right on the lock screen. A mobile experience provides real estate agents with a competitive advantage.

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When using a property pass with a mobile marketing strategy integrated with your current real state efforts will leverage your business that was unheard of just ten years ago. Its also a way to get better quality leads – all from a mobile and you look tech-savvy doing it! Work with a competitive advantage as your against top selling agents with large budgets, the kind you see with SLOW DOWN signs around your local park.  

Level the playing field with a Property Pass to build a foundation of long term relationships with a mobile experience.

Get in touch with us and we can make suggestion on ways to take your real estate marketing to include a mobile strategy. Simple engagement directed to the lock screen is more responsive for higher quality leads.