As we say goodbye to the last couple of weeks of 2016, all of us at Mobile Wallet Marketer agree – good riddance and set our sights on podcast trends for 2017. A shining point this year is our podcast growth using a Podcast Marketer pass.

Podcasts are huge!

There are hundred of thousands of listeners out there and using mobile to create a podcast ecosystem provides less friction than other methods. Podcasters should set their sights on developing podcast trends with a mobile strategy for 2017.

To understand podcast trends for 2017, here are some facts from 2016:

  • Podcast listeners, most of the them are listening on a smartphone as the dominant device – close to 80 percent.
  • Listenership grew by 24% in 2016, thats equivalent to
  • 50 million downloads per month





Did you know that getting downloads from your podcast has no effect to your iTunes rank?

That means listens may grow but there’s no effect to be easily discovered on a top 100 or 200 list that Apple publishes. Podcast discovery is hard once a podcast is not New nor Noteworthy anymore.

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Using a mobile strategy, we adopted more listeners through our Podcast Marketer pass and gained:

Added Value For Sponsors – As a podcasters, rest assured that your sponsors will be seen directly to a targeted audience. These are subscribers that love and listen to your podcast.

Listen Links  – the most popular way a podcast is being listened is on a mobile phone. No matter where you episode is located, it can be listened to with one tap from the back the pass.

Share Features  Gain more subscribers by sharing on social media profiles. Share the pass on Facebook or Twitter. A Podcast Marketer pass makes it easy as part of a mobile strategy for 2017. 






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As we look to podcast trends for 2017, a Podcast Marketer pass will build up subscribers and increase listeners. Engage on mobile for more listeners to your podcast with mobile updates. 

Create mobile updates of your new episode of your podcast that is seen right on the lock screen. A Podcast Marketer pass engages with your listeners on mobile is the key podcast trend for 2017. Talk to us, we’ll be right there to assist you in setting up a Podcast Marketer pass.