Using mobile podcast updates as part of an effective marketing strategy is maybe a new concept for some people.

Mobile podcast updates are a great way to connect with people on the device they’re likely listening to when they hear your podcast episodes.  And it’s more important than ever to think about your marketing strategy to increase the number of listens, shares, and downloads that you see with each episode release.

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We originally published this article several months ago, on a different website.  We have taken the opportunity to update it a bit, and to republish it here, since the insights and the statistics are perhaps even more relevant right now than they were back then.

Not a lot of people are thinking about marketing their podcast yet (nor do they know how to use mobile podcast updates).

But that’s been changing – slowly at first, and it’s picking up steam of late.   The number of podcasts carried by iTunes has ballooned to some 325,000 (according to this NY Times article), although it’s likely that at least 65% of those, possibly more, are not actively producing updates, and have been, in essence, abandoned.

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We ran an article awhile ago about podcast stats and what’s truly important – something that anyone looking at mobile podcast updates should take note of and understand.  While Apple’s iTunes is very stingy with any kind of stats, and don’t make it easy to identify iTunes compared to other delivery mechanisms in self installed stats programs, the reality is that the bulk majority of listeners to almost any podcast arrive via iTunes.

There are any number of alternative distribution channels – Stitcher, Spreaker, TuneIn, iHEARTRadio; even Google has gotten back into the podcast broadcasting business, launching a podcast section in their Google Play Music earlier several months ago.

Most people tend to listen to podcasts on their mobile devices, and this is a good thing.

While the iTunes seal of approval can generate hundreds of thousands of listens, it’s rare to get that seal of approval and there are many more podcasts of the business and marketing variety that won’t ever qualify for super stardom than there are award winning journalistic pieces destined for greatness in the podcasting sphere.

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So how do you develop mobile podcast updates that will generate more listeners (and quite possibly more revenue), in a way that is meaningful to your listener base, but also offers you the flexibility to provide more than just an audio file for that base?

Mobile podcast updates enable you to provide listeners with so much more than just the standard audio feed.

In addition to automatically notifying listeners when you release a new episode, you can:

  • Include links to all your listening platforms – Soundcloud, Stitcher, Spreaker, TuneIn, Google Music, and more
  • Include links to video marketing channels, evergreen webinars or other static educational and marketing resources
  • Provide a clear Call to Action, with a phone number or email address that needs a single tap to engage
  • Add location or proximity notifications for events such as conferences, trade shows, meet ups, etc
  • Include links to social media profiles, fan pages or groups

Whether you are using your podcast as a medium to generate advertising revenue or a means to market your existing business, a good podcast marketing strategy relies on a lot more than just hoping that iTunes will decide to feature you one day.

 mobile podcast updates

As you can see in the graphic above, the front side of the pass offers ample opportunity to showcase your brand in a small space.  The back of the pass is strictly text, and can contain links to nearly anything that Apple or Android recognize as an app that can be directly launched, such as Click to Call campaigns that initiate the Phone dialer, or links to YouTube or Vimeo channels that launch the video player right from the back of the pass.

You can link your mobile podcast updates from any sort of ad campaign – Twitter, Adwords, Facebook, email marketing campaigns, SMS, and so on.  The ability to tap and drop the pass into the phone means that your listeners will find it easy to acquire updates from you, and they will also have the opportunity to share ‘you’ with their friends via three super simple methods of sharing passes.

If you’re seriously working on building your listeners, mobile podcast updates, along with search engine placement, social media management, and listener referrals are four of the best components of a well developed, thoughtful marketing campaign.