It is our hobby to know the latest digital trends


and to provide our expertise in using them with mobile strategies to drive brands forward. Otherwise you run the risk of falling behind your competition. Not to fear – we have the scoop to move any business forward with their marketing plan.

As part of the omnichannel marketing ecosystem  – a mobile channel differentiates itself by providing a mini-hub for them all.

As a central location or hub, inside the ecosystem, drives content with responsive call-to-actions or CTAs, creating conditions for consumers to stay connected and to develop brand awareness.

Today trends for the consumer to understand a brand’s story and provide brand awareness that are found through videos, podcasts and lock screen messaging.  All to accommodate engagement and reach.

And with any service or product its vital to have outstanding customer satisfaction by creating an experience that is not long forgotten – using a mobile channel does just that.


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Staying connected in a multitude of ways, by interacting in the ways mentioned creates a hub in the omnichannel ecosystem.

On a mobile channel we create a customized hub that is #mobilefirst and holds all the CTAs on it.

These CTAs allows for consistent updates to your customer, no where the content originates from. The hub provides a space dedicated to videos simply by adding any Youtube channel. Tell all your followers about it with shares to popular social media profiles as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many clients go on to keep the mobile channel strong is by asking followers to add it directly to their device.


Compel shoppers to become buyers… if it were only that simple.

A mobile channel kept secret that SMS marketing platforms don’t what you to know about is the added bonus of lock screen messages – being able to stay on top of the consumers eye and not having to break the bank using SMS text messages 

As customer experience with a mobile channel is a consistent clear communication path that companies rely on for engagement and reach.

It makes it easy to integrate current marketing campaigns to repurpose them as a mini-hub on a mobile channel. Well for us anyway, so contact us and we’ll be able to set up a mini-hub for you too!