Mobile Wallet Basics: Cheap Marketing to Mobile Users

Companies that brand their business towards a mobile audience are seeing boom in spending in both offline and online marketplace. Mobile spending is increased to close to $100 million  worldwide.  Mobile accounts for 85% of online browsing and traffic, so it’s definitely the smartest marketing and advertising right now.

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We are saturated by looking small rectangles that offers a reach thats unheard of. Being digitally connected world means more eyeballs are looking at mobile devices than ever before. Opportunities to market right where people are looking on the lock screen is the only to keep your ad spend in target while reaching out to your target audience. Mobile marketing is the best place right now to be seen as:

  • over 85% of searches are from a mobile device.
  • over 85% of podcast listened to are from a mobile device.
  • Unlimited distribution of 100% of mobile pass using share features to social media profiles.

Learn to cheaply market to millennials, boomers and others by advertising directly to their mobile devices via digital wallets.

Mobile engagement is a responsive in nature as mobile devices. A mobile user out of habit looks at the lock screen over 80 times a day with notifications. – that’s an opportunity that can’t be ignored. 

A mobile wallet basic is that a mobile wallet pass notifies with messages being seen on the lock screen. its a win-win and cheap marketing to mobile users is all part of mobile ad platform.

These are mobile wallet basics that your target audience will see:

  • mobile updates seen right on the lock screen
  • share feature
  • location based engagement


The demand for effective mobile ads has turned to cheap marketing to mobile users with all same mobile wallet basics that you would expect from tech companies Apple and Google products mobile wallet pass integration is easy  – as easy as filling out a form.

Go into the next quarter keeping your ad spend on budget by using mobile wallet ads.

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Mobile ads are affordable on any budget – its easy to integrate your current display ads and turn them into mobile wallet ads. We help you along the process with convenient to fill out forms that work to trigger ads when and where you want them too.

Cheap marketing to mobile users is a dream for companies to expose their reach onto an effective ad platform that engages.

No matter your business – we will turn into a mobile wallet pass that engages, distributes easily with direct links to offers and remember – its cheap!