Mobile wallet coupons are great for brick and mortar retailers, but there are many other verticals that can benefit by using them.


We deal with many different types of companies everyday – no two are the same, and no two market the same to a mobile device.

There are easy ways to integrate to mobile, is as easy as filling out a form. Kim Stuart’s 3 Steps to Creating a Mobile Marketing Strategy provides suggestions to best develop and brand your any business with mobile wallet coupons.

By determining your business goals, we can decide the best way to develop your mobile culture. A move to mobile using mobile wallet coupons will provide the best engagement. Engagement on mobile that makes a difference to your revenue stream. 


What if  your not doing anything on mobile and don’t want to start an app?

No need for an app to be discovered in the App Store. Your company  – no matter the industry –  can use mobile wallet coupons inside of Apple Wallet. There is more to Apple Wallet than just using it for payments. 

Mobile wallet coupons with your company logo and title tucks right inside of Apple Wallet, next to your credit cards. 

Here’s what a mobile wallet coupon inside of Apple Wallet looks like:

Mobile Wallet Coupons for More Than Retailers 1

Here are some verticals besides retailers  – from all various industries using mobile wallet coupons to support their business:

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Transportation: airports, buses
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants and Hospitality
  • Concerts and Festivals
  • Arenas and Venues
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Advocates
  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Banking
  • Service stations


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We come across companies just like yours everyday, who’s current marketing efforts are going stale. They look to mobile to keep their ad spend on budget because mobile wallet coupons are effective way to engage with clients.

If your uncertain about making the move to mobile, don’t be.

NOW is the time to leverage mobile!


You want your company to be seen on mobile but you don’t want to bother with an app because your not in the app business. Now is still time time step into new mobile technologies as convenient as filling out a form.

To be able to communicate with existing and potential customers is mission critical and engaging on mobile is a superb way of doing so.

No matter your business the benefits outweigh other mobile products that are on the market in today.

Kim Stuart has this to say about engaging using mobile wallet coupons:


Effective consumer engagement is more than discounts or coupons.  Consumers will always react to discounts and savings, but more consumers react to convenience, personalization and customization than are triggered by discounts alone.   And once a merchant goes down the road of deep discounts, there is usually no turning back.



If your uncertain about making the move to mobile, don’t be. We’re here to tell you that mobile IS a good fit for your business. Get in touch with Kim Stuart from MobileWalletMarketer – she is always giving suggestions to help your competitors make the switch to mobile, she’ll be happy to speak with you too. Drop her line using our contact form or click on Call Us Today at the top of the site.