Top Listing Agents in Real Estate Have Common Traits

I did a quick post on LinkedIn yesterday – The 3 R’s of Every Successful Listing Agent – and that’s going to be the theme of the week, so to speak.  I’m working on the podcast, and a new video detailing the big benefits to top producing agents who add mobile wallet marketing to their bag of tricks.

I want to expand a little bit on my LI article; even if we narrow the common elements down to three things, like I did, there’s still a lot going on in those three items, and each one deserves a more specific explanation.  Of course I’m going to finish with the mobile wallet marketing contribution to their craft, but then you expected that!  So you can zip to the end and get that part, if you’re not particularly interested in the rest  😉

1.  Reputation.  

Most realtors, brokers and agents spend a considerable amount of time working on building a quality reputation – one that generates buzz and excitement around their skill set and helps to get new business from unknown, cold sources.  Zillow,, and other aggregator sites offer the opportunity to personalize a profile and make the most of the space, whether they choose to go paid or just the basic free.

The big thing from these aggregator sites is reviews.  It takes about two seconds to pull a list of the agents with the most listings, most sales, most reviews from former customers.

And a large number of potential clients do use those features.
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So if you’re a new agent without a lot of clients, or don’t think you should spend the time working on “the evil Z” or whatever you call them, let me be clear – you’re missing out on leads.  The smart agents are getting a good reputation on these sites through reviews and sometimes that’s all it takes to get an on-the-fence buyer to decide to use them, especially if they don’t have a personal recommendation in the area.

2.  Replication. 

Agents and brokers who can make the same magic happen again and again tend to be the top listing agents in a particular real estate market.  My neighbor, for instance, has been a broker for many years, she lives in the neighborhood, she’s a specialist in getting top dollar for properties in the area.  She’s got custom marketing, domain names that indicate she works this area pretty hard, and I’m going to say that about 1/3 of the listings we see have her sign on them.  Obviously she’s getting results.  I’ve heard people say they don’t like her personally but they wouldn’t dream of using anyone else if they were going to sell.  She gets results and everyone sees that. 

3.  Referrals.  

Many of the top listing agents in any brokerage have a long list of referral clients – the ones they can comfortably count on to tell ALL of their friends, co-workers and neighbors about how utterly fantastic they are, and how it would be a mistake to use anyone else.  This kind of loyalty breeds not only a healthy bank account but also gives everyone a warm, fuzzy feeling.  

How do these three things apply to the next part of my post – the one where I’m going to talk about mobile wallet marketing?  It’s pretty simple.

Top listing agents are using every tool they can find.
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If it will successfully get them another client (especially one with a property to list), they’re on it.  They will discard the ideas or the tools that don’t get the job done, but they are trying the new things early and often. They aren’t just sending postcards in the mail, or half heartedly running an email newsletter, or even relying on the MLS portal to distribute property possibilities to their leads; nope, not by a long shot.  They’re working Adwords, they’re creating blogs with engaging content, they’re posting on, they’re using marketing platforms like Listings2Leads, Top Producer, etc.

And a growing number of them are using mobile wallet marketing.  Especially when it comes to listing presentations.  How absolutely magical is it to show a prospective seller their property on your mobile phone, and then to share that property pass with them on the spot?

That’s the kind of thing that gets a possible seller excited about a listing agent
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Property Listing Pass on iPhoneIt’s the tiniest, smallest investment of time you can make in the entire presentation – that also has the biggest impact!  5 minutes, that’s what it takes to create a property listing pass…  30 seconds, that’s what it takes to truly impress a seller with your commitment to using all the available tools to get them top dollar in short order for their property.

If you’d like to see one of your property listings on your iPhone, I’m happy to do it for you – it literally takes about 5 minutes to set up a property listing and distribute it.

Bringing up an interesting point — just HOW do these things get distribution?  Well, that part is super easy!  You include the link in your blog, your web pages, your single property website, your L2L pages, your Twitter, Facebook, etc — when someone clicks on the URL, it will offer them the chance to add it to their iPhone’s Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) with one click.

For print distribution, there’s a QR code that can be scanned by the Wallet/Passbook scanner and that will bring up the option of adding it to their wallet as well.  Again, takes about two clicks.

For more information about how mobile wallet marketing helps top listing agents generate awesome listing presentations, click here.  


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