Mobile Wallet Marketing Real Estate Overview

Easy to Use, Simple Admin
Pass Creator Admin Image Mobile Wallet Marketing Real Estate

Easy to Use – Simple Admin

It takes about 5 minutes to create and distribute a pass.  It’s really easy – all you need is a copy of your logo, a single graphic that you want to use on the front, and a few lines of text – generally the same descriptions and marketing text you are using in your MLS, lead gen software or single property websites.


1.  Property listing pass – use this in conjunction with your single property website, MLS listing or lead gen software to maximize your results.  When someone adds a property listing pass to their iPhone, you know they are interested in the neighborhood and the price range, even if they aren’t a qualified lister or prospective buyer today.

2.  Business card pass – put yourself into the users device; update your information as you need to, in order to stay current.  Got a new mobile phone number?  Update the pass.  Changed email addresses?  Update the pass.  You get the idea.

3.  Flexible system – use the mobile wallet marketing real estate system for a variety of purposes.  Engage with potential buyers.  Have another handy tool to show prospective sellers and get them to sign with you.  Keep your client base up to date on your details.  Craft messages for prospects based on the original pass they downloaded into their phones.

See a demo of the Property Listing Pass – click here –

Make the most of your portal site profiles or lead gen

Incorporate these items and more:

  • Contact info phone, email, social media accounts, smoke signals, you name it
  • Maps – launch a map to a property directly from the back of the pass – includes driving directions
  • URLs – update your passes with new blog content, landing pages, single property websites and more – it takes less than 5 minutes to update a pass with the mobile wallet marketing real estate admin

Keep in mind that today, right now, 90% of installed passes ARE NOT DELETED.  That’s right, they stay in the users phone.  In the case of iPhones, they travel from one phone to the next phone via iCloud storage and the ‘magic of Apple’.  Google has a similar process for Google Wallet passes (not called iCloud, you know!) to insure maximum usage and portability.

Launch Maps from Back of Mobile Wallet Marketing Real Estate Pass

Update Your Information Any Time — Push Updates Directly to Lock Screens on Phones

Using a property listing pass?  Update the entry to a comparable property in a similar neighborhood.  Right, you can’t do that with a postcard or a neighborhood flyer that’s already been distributed!

Need to update information on the pass?  You’re in luck, it takes less than five minutes to swap out information AND push the updated information to the user.  And wait, you can’t do that with a paper business card, can you?

Keep track of how many phones have each pass installed, how many opens and deletes you receive, and more!  The simple, easy to understand system gives you only the data that you need to make sure you’re creating passes that get installed on phones at the right time, from the right place.  

On the fence listers will LOVE seeing their property on your iPhone, showing them that you “get” technology and are more than willing to go the extra mile for them – they don’t need to know how easy it is to do  😉

Stay in contact with prospects, and always provide a fresh bit of information to keep them interested in you, and to make sure they remember that you’re working with them to educate and inform.

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