Mobile wallet marketing is set to ramp up quickly this year, with a large percentage of business owners ready to implement the beacons into their marketing plans.

According to MCommerceDaily, thirty-seven percent (37%) of large retailers are planning to roll out iBeacon technology during the 2015 calendar year.  By the end of 2016 this number is slated to increase to fifty-six percent (56%).  And we should quickly note that iBeacon is Apples’ proprietary mobile “location-based-services” (LBS).

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Mobile wallet marketing is the nuts and bolts of location and proximity driven marketing for smart folks who understand that it’s easier to leverage Apple and Google than to build a user base from scratch.   Building an app is expensive, in both time and money, requires ongoing support and technical knowledge, and removes the focus of marketing and branding towards one of technical upkeep – NOT what most business owners want to spend their valuable time worrying about.