Are you an event promoter?  Do you work with trade shows, VIP events, conferences, casinos, or other venues?

If so, this post is for you!

Successful event promoters know that producing successful events means having a strategy in place and being able to easily replicate the parts that made previous events go smoothly.   While it might be hard to hit on a formula that works well, once you have it, it’s time to lather, rinse and repeat!

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The blueprint we’re about to give you will work for any of the following scenarios:

  • Nightclub VIP host
  • Concierge
  • Party planner
  • Events promoter
  • Casino host
  • Trade show organizer
  • Conference manager

Now that we’ve identified who this plan will work for, let’s get down to the plan –

Two way communication with guests?  How does that happen?

Simply enough – use mobile.  Mobile is the great equalizer; as a medium you can’t beat it for deliverability or response rate.  Everyone is always on their phone, whether it’s during their train commute, standing in line at the DMV or sitting around the dinner table.

Use this mobile addiction to your advantage.

Getting your attendees or guests to add a mobile update for your event to their phone is super simple, and it’s something that they’ll thank you for doing.  No one wants to find out at the 11th hour that there’s been a change of venue, scheduling or anything else that might inconvenience them or waste their time.

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Setting up mobile event ticketing or passes is a relatively simple process (at least it is with our platform) and sending out updates to ticket or pass holders is as easy as filling in a form.

It also helps to create excitement and buzz around your event when you interact with the guest list using their mobile phones.  You can set up lock screen notifications that lead them to more information – so adding a new keynote speaker or entertainer to your lineup is something they’ll hear about as soon as you push the info out to them.

If you’re a professional in the field, you are likely to rely on your past guest or attendee lists to seed your next event.

When you use mobile to issue tickets or event passes, approximately 90% of the tickets remain in the phone after your event has passed.  Unlike a paper ticket, lanyard or wrist band, this provides you with a fabulous opportunity to let previous guests know that you’ve got something new and you’d like them to sign up and attend.

Unlike email, which has a low deliverability rate, or SMS, which is expensive and can be risky to send, lock screen notifications are an opt-in by the attendee, so you know that they want to hear from you.  Of course it’s possibly to message them too much, and cause them to delete your pass, but we’ve created a simple worksheet that you can use to calculate how often and what kind of messaging is going to keep them interested and get the best response from your attendee pool.

So what’s in it for you?

Bottom line is this – you can set up your event tickets and passes on mobile, which enables you to communicate directly with attendees, sponsors, volunteers, VIPS, etc, using their mobile phone as the delivery medium.

Instant messaging directly to their lock screens with the ability to expand and guide their journey through your event site, app, or sponsors pages is simply not available with a paper ticket, badge or wristband.

[IN CASE YOU MISSED IT ABOVE: Download the Mobile Messaging Worksheet here]

Add the ability to message post-event, and you’re building a foundation that will help you leverage your existing attendees to prep for your next event, and deliver a real value add for sponsors.

How can you get it now?

Well, that part is simple, just tap the link for the Event Tickets section of this website and we can have you up and running in one business day if you like.