Compatible with almost all apps and programs

Super compatible with SO many apps

Easy to Use – Elegant Design – Customized Branding

Simple and clean, promotes you and your offers.  It’s certainly not rocket science, most marketing isn’t.  But it is one of the most effective marketing machines available today.

Updates look amazing in a custom design that will impress your users.

MobileWalletMarketer updates have a sleek design that fits perfectly into Apple Wallet.  Lock screen notifications let your users know each time you’ve added a new offer or want to tell them about any other amazing updates that you have.

Customize the color scheme and graphics to seamlessly integrate your branding with the Wallet card.  Whatever your color palette and design feel, it’s easy to recreate on your mobile updates!

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$7 Digital Business Card
Instantly Update All Parts of Mobile Wallet Marketing Strategy Campaign Pass

Optimize your funnel setup in three easy steps – 

Incorporate directly with your marketing message – 

  • Calls to Action – click to call, click to email, launch apps directly – one tap from the back 
  • Podcasts, Video Marketing, Social Media Apps, App Store Downloads  – directly market your one tap links for maximum CTR and exposure
  • URLs – update your passes with new blog content, landing pages, and more –  Add cross or upsells

MobileWalletMarketer is currently experiencing a 90% retention rate on installed Wallet passes.  That’s right, they stay in the users phone.  In the case of iPhones, they travel from one phone to the next phone via iCloud storage and the ‘magic of Apple’, as consumers see it.

Once you’re in the phone, you stay in the phone.

You just can’t beat those odds.


Quickly Update Your Information and Push Updates Directly to Phone Lock Screens

Want to make instant changes to an existing campaign?  Simple. Just update the campaign and send a push notification to the users lock screen.  Right, you can’t do that with email, webinars, or Facebook groups!

Need to update information on the pass?  You’re in luck, it takes less than five minutes to swap out information AND push the updated information to the user.  And wait, you can’t do that with a paper business card, can you?

Keep track of how many phones have each pass installed, how many opens and deletes you receive, and more!  The simple, easy to understand system gives you only the data that you need to make sure you’re creating passes that get installed on phones at the right time, from the right place.  

On the fence prospects will be closed more easily with a good mobile wallet marketing strategy; feed or drip materials with instant results to prospects based on where they originally downloaded your campaign – they don’t need to know how easy it is to do  😉

Stay in contact with prospects, and always provide a fresh bit of information to keep them interested in you, and to make sure they remember that you’re working with them to educate and inform.