Marketing to mobile is easy, you don’t need a degree in technology to benefit from it….

And marketing to mobile doesn’t mean developing an app or being discovered in the Apple’s App Store.

It does mean that  any company, brand, product or service will be portrayed onto a mobile device and be able to engage and share effectively.

Our mobile wallet platform works best for your business as it solves the challenges of marketing to mobile, no matter the business. A mobile wallet pass is all thats need to achieve that for your business, as easy as filling out a form.

Here are 3 things to identify in your business to decide what mobile wallet platform is going to suit your needs most effectively.

  1.  Does your brand engage on mobile?
  2. Ad spend on social media increasing each quarter?
  3. How to ensure affordable budget with mobile wallet platform?

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Does your brand engage on mobile?

Brand to engage on mobile – a mobile wallet pass makes it simple to gather followers and engage with them. Move fluidity from one campaign to the next just by filling out a form. Use mobile features proximity marketing, just give us a time for your message to be sent. These notifications are mobile updates that are seen on the lock screen.

Ad spend on social media increasing each quarter?

Whats your ad spend on social media sites? Facebook ads, Google ads, the budget keep increasing. Which is working best for your business? Our mobile wallet platform uses mobile wallet passes with share features. Tap to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to add the pass directly to your feed for all your friends and followers makes it easy to pass the pass from phone to phone or from one social media profile to another – all with the current campaign on it.

How to ensure affordable budget with mobile marketing?

 Our mobile wallet platform uses Apple Technology, we’re not rebuilding the wheel, we’re giving it to you in the form of a mobile wallet pass. Our plans are subscription based with unlimited distribution. What works best for your business is a mobile strategy that works within your budget.

[NOTE: Check out Kim Stuart’s worksheet, here’s the link to download it, to help determine what you should spend your marketing budget towards mobile wallet platforms.]

Start off with one mobile campaign, try it out and make the necessary adjustments to build from there. Swap out the campaign to the next one to achieve your marketing goals. To build a marketing strategy which works best for your business is our mobile wallet platform.   

This gives you a great start on what to think about when moving forward with your marketing efforts, mobile wallet platform which works best for your business.