The Mobile Wallet Explained for Consumers & Marketers

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The mobile wallet is a very simple idea – it’s a way to carry your physical cards, coupons and tickets in your smartphone.


The mobile wallet, as we use it today, was essentially created by Google a few years ago – other companies, such as Apple, Samsung, and Android (yes, that’s still Google) have taken the idea and made it better.


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Everything stays clearly organized and instantly accessible in your digital wallet in your smartphone.

That’s right – no more hunting in your pockets, in your “Costanza” wallet, or realizing that you left that discount coupon at home.

Everything is neatly organized and can be quickly accessed when you need it.


Make payments with your mobile wallet.

Yes, you can also use your digital wallet to make payments.  Store credit cards and gift cards in the wallet and use them when you’re at the store.  If you are using Apple Wallet, you can also use your Apple Pay to make online purchases directly from your iPhone, Apple Watch or Mac computer.

Keep business cards, store cards, membership cards, and gift cards handy.


You’re much more likely to forget your physical wallet than you are to leave your phone at home.  Let’s face it, everyone is glued to their screen – whether it’s using the GPS, texting, playing a game or checking in on social media, the lure of the small screen is always right there.

It’s so much easier to use a digital version of a physical card too.  NFC, bar code, QR code – any of these methods usually work to read and process the digital cards stored in your wallet.

digital business card in mobile wallet
Digital cards in the mobile wallet work with smart watches too

Also works with smart watches such as the Apple Watch – 

Mobile wallet airline boarding pass

Carry your boarding passes in your mobile wallet.


You can store your air or train travel tickets in your mobile wallet; many airlines such as Southwest, American, Virgin and British Airways have mobile ticketing available in their apps – some, such as United, offer you the option of adding your ticket to a mobile wallet such as Apple Wallet.

If you add the ticket to your Apple Wallet, then you’ll be able to take advantage of iBeacon notifications to your lock screen, which will save you time and effort going through security, for instance, since the boarding pass will pop up on the screen for the flight segment and you will have no need to unlock your phone in order to show your ticket in your mobile wallet.

The Mobile Wallet for Marketers

If you are a marketer, using the mobile wallet to deliver your marketing message is a great idea.


Mobile wallet technology is deceptively simple; we tend to think of it as a means for storing information.  It can do so much more, and very easily.

Here’s a quick list of the things that marketers like about the mobile wallet:

  • Always on.  As long as your prospect has their phone turned on, your ads and cards are available in their mobile wallet.
  • Transfers from old phone to new phone.  That’s right, the wallet apps are independent of the phone.
  • Offers direct CTA response unlike any other.  Provide a wide range of actions for the prospect, and continuously tailor your campaigns based on direct feedback.
  • Available globally.  Market to any demographic in any language that you like.
  • Instantly “update-able”.  Make changes to campaigns based on information or response as needed.  Completely revamp or change your marketing collateral and immediately update all wallets.  Include a lock screen notification if you like.
  • Simple and easy to understand.  If you can fill out a form, you can work with mobile wallet advertising and marketing campaigns.

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