There’s a quick primer on mobile wallets, a brief discussion about using them for business (good points here!), and a bit more info to be had.

We’ve scoured the web, looking for news articles that might shed some light on the mobile wallet versus non-mobile wallet debate.  It seems that everywhere you look, everyone is making a different claim.  Pro-Apple forces claim dominance over Android, Paypal, and all other means of mobile payments; the anti-Apple crowd claims that Apple Pay is a bust (while creating and deploying their own mobile payment app normally) and you can stick a fork in it. We’re not entirely sure who they are rooting for, but it’s definitely not the cool kids from Cupertino.

Drumroll, please…

And here we have a slightly British take on what’s happening with the mobile wallet overall – 

In a nutshell, mobile wallets are here to stay.  They’re going to become as ubiquitous as text messaging, email, or using your mobile device to access online content and complete actions like shopping, reading the news, ordering your dinner and all the other stuff that we’ve started to take for granted as “always on” allows.

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