Mobile wallets really do equal marketing opportunities – right now, today.

They’re what’s known as a ‘greenfield’ technology, something that’s new enough to have a limited number of participants, but with the potential to become huge.  Sort of like email marketing, back in the late 90s (which is still going strong today, judging from our inbox), or webinar marketing, more recently.

There’s one small problem with mobile wallets.

And it has nothing to do with the technology.  Mobile wallets work exactly as expected – they store things in a wallet app inside your mobile phone.


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There are a lot of companies that have mobile wallets – Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, Android Pay, and Samsung Wallet are kind of like the big four.  You can even use your Apple Wallet at a Bank of America ATM to withdraw cash; you don’t even need a plastic card any more.


So what’s the problem with mobile wallets?

In a nutshell, the problems aren’t with mobile wallets, or even with what mobile wallets people prefer.  The problem is that 61% of business owners don’t have a mobile strategy.  Nope, not joking.  Not even a little bit.

Adobe and Econsultancy published survey results last month – Digital Intelligence Briefing: Taking Advantage of the Mobile Opportunity and the sad results show that the vast majority of businesses have no idea how to create and deploy a mobile strategy.  

Mobile is considered to be extremely important for customer experience – exceeding the importance of the desktop site.

That’s great.  Except that no one seems to actually understand where to start or how to get moving in a way that brings fabulous results for the investment.

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If you market your business at all using the internet, then you should have a cohesive #MobileFirst strategy, with clear cut goals and at least a list of three to-do items that will move you towards that goal.

Using mobile wallets to market your business, here are three simple ideas to generate interest, interaction and income:


#1 – Digital business cards – create digital business cards for yourself and for your employees.  This is a very simple task, and one that will generate excitement (especially if your employees don’t even have business cards) in house.  It helps to get everyone on board with the program, and encourages your entire staff to participate in driving engagement.

#2 – Create a “store card” – this is the big one – whether you have an online store or a real life, brick and mortar business, ramping up the interaction level is how you increase your points of contact with each prospective customer, and how you become an important part of that customers journey from the research stage to the point of purchase.

#3 – Update, update, update!  Mobile wallets are designed to be communication devices, even more than they are suited for payments.  You don’t need to blow $5,000 on an app that no one is going to use; leverage the existing technology that the giants like Apple, Google and Samsung have created; harness their tech support and innovative thinking to build YOUR brand.

It really is this simple to create a basic mobile strategy that incorporates mobile wallets into the mix.  It’s incredibly cost efficient, and most of the time you can be up and running in days.

This offers you the opportunity to spend your time marketing your brand – not worrying about technology or trying to decide what mobile options are going to be affordable and time friendly, so you can avoid the traps and pitfalls of the ones that won’t produce any ROI that makes sense.

Got it?  Good.