What are modern real estate agent marketing tools?

Marketing tools and advertising mediums for REALTORS®, real estate agents and brokers have been transformed since the advent and widespread adoption of the internet.  Real estate agent marketing tools now encompass much more than they did even a decade ago, and in order to be competitive, agents MUST adapt and learn to use these new tools effectively.

Agents aren’t competing ONLY with other agents on equal footing any more, either.

Sites like MySecretAgent.com offer property owners the alternative of bare bones listing options and suggest that owners negotiate commission amounts with buyer agents as well.   For a mere $495, they offer property listing websites, MLS inclusion and a minor plethora of other services, of course with the caveat that the ‘all you can eat buffet’ quickly turns into the a la carte menu when FSBO owners want to be more aggressive with their campaigns.

DominoResearch.com has a new podcast series, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy, and episode #3 –  Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools – discusses the importance of agents and brokers realizing that mobile marketing is becoming an integral part of how prospective buyers and sellers judge their agents performance; mobile wallet marketing, in particular, is exceptionally well suited to this purpose.

Real estate agents dream of instant updates to buyers who are driving by a listing…
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Key takeaways from the podcast, in case you’re short on time, include:

  • Location based notifications – the single most important tool for agents to communicate in real time AND with contextual messaging.
  • Property listings DROPPED DIRECTLY into iPhone or Apple Watch via Apple Passbook – these can be added using email campaigns, SMS blasts, links from websites or social media posts, or with the native QR code scanner in Passbook with print materials.
  • Update prospective buyers or agents IN REAL TIME when something happens – for instance, there’s an offer on a hot property, and the listing agent drives more offers by notifying everyone with the property listing with the offer; conversely, the listing agent can also notify all interested parties if there’s a price reduction or other property specific information.
  • Convert property listings for sold inventory to comparable properties – update the installed passes with new information about a GREAT house in the area, or notify prospects when a similar property is going to be new to market.

Modern real estate agent marketing tools have a focus on mobile delivery and are scaled properly to work with smartphones.

You need to be as well equipped as your competition, at a minimum.  With the plethora of FSBO helper sites, agents willing to reduce commission, agents marketing very aggressively with Adwords, Facebook, Pinterest, Trulia, Zillow and other online programs that contain a mobile element, it’s mission critical to maintain your own prospect list and to be able to contact those prospects cost-effectively and in real time.

If you’re a broker or an agent, don’t ‘bring a knife to a gun fight’, as the saying goes.
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No one wants to wait for someone to read an email two days after you send it – oh, right, the seller has already accepted an offer since your buyer didn’t check voicemail on Sunday afternoon, and there is no opportunity for real time messaging that is better than direct contact via the mobile phone.

Lock screen notifications, available as a priority notification by default within Apple Passbook, mean that your message has a MUCH GREATER THAN AVERAGE CHANCE of actually being read when its received.  Nothing will guarantee a prospect reads a message, but any increase that offers the possibility of instant delivery is a huge leap forward in client communications.

After all, if you can’t reach a prospective buyer or seller, but your competitor can, they’re not really a prospect, are they?


Click here for a demo of the Mobile Wallet Marketing for Realtors Platform.

Digital branding and mobile wallet marketing are the next step in the evolution of the funnel.


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