As the end of the year looms in front of us, we thought it might be time to ruminate on the general state of mobile marketing; what’s on the immediate horizon and how to best take advantage of the coming trends.  

  • One big kerfluffle in the making – ad blockers – now that Apple has decided to allow ad blocker apps to be distributed via the App Store, the potential for decreased ad revenue has taken center stage.   One thing we can say for sure – ad blockers won’t affect the mobile wallet marketing platform.  
  • Let’s go ahead and jump on the 2016 bandwagon (we’ll save the predictions posts for later, though) with this RetailCustomerExperience article about interactivity.   Increased interactivity with prospects almost always leads to increased sales and revenue – spam is about the only thing that turns off existing or almost existing clients.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to make great gains on the adoption front, starting with all those Smart TVs that people are buying by the thousands (I’m not really sure that you can get a 4KHD without buying into the smart revolution – try reading the TOS that requires your agreement in order to use the darn things) this holiday season.
  • And we launched a new product this month, check it out!  After spending some time working with a beta group of builders, we launched the HomeBuilder.LINK communications and marketing tool designed to help new home builders connect and communicate with potential prospects from discovery to closing.
  • There’s always a lot going on in the world of mobile marketing – the time fairly flies by in an instant.   As you’re probably aware, mobile usage for online access finally surpassed desktop usage a few months ago, and designing solutions for marketing, advertising and interactive campaigns really should begin with a mobile first attitude from this point onwards.

We’re looking forward to providing some more solid advice for the new year, and as always, we’ll keep you updated with the key takeaways from each of the verticals that we service.