New wallet technologies are really taking off and not just with millennials.

How can your business best utilize these emerging technologies to help the bottom line?

Nowadays its not difficult to integrate your company to work with new wallet technologies, its actually easy to do with a mobile wallet pass. A pass that sits inside mobile wallet apps.

Mobile-first thinking is what most companies are embracing to increase their bottom-line. It doesn’t take much for companies to be seen on mobile using new wallet technologies.

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Mobile is where people are looking over 80 times a day. More than half of all searches are done on mobile, not to mention online browsing email reading and even video and podcast consumption’s all done through mobile device.

Take the retail brand Urban Outfitters as a recent example in making the switch to new wallet technologies.

As online matured and developed from desktop to mobile, Urban Outfitters recognized that they weren’t gaining market share and went out to see how to improve. They built out their e-commerce on their site and shopping cart purchases gaining online strength yet that was not enough to keep retail purchase gains.

The mobile wave has swept through the digital era and Urban Outfitter smartly adjusted to its customer’s habits of using smartphones to make purchases.

New wallet technologies is what proximity marketing and iBeacon technology come into play. By using these new wallet technologies, their retail stores were able to attract more foot traffic and create mobile offers driving stores to spur sales.

Mobile has fundamentally altered how people shop, new wallet technologies were able to see results that increased their bottomline while integrating their campaigns to mobile ones.

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Now be sure that this did not happen overnight, it takes time to understand what drives a shoppers journey and its progression to gain more loyalty while increasing revenue.

It took time to attract customers but there is no turning back for Urban Outfitters, they used new wallet technologies to spur growth, engage and increase their bottom line.