Nightclub Promoters that represent themselves with mobile wallet passes build a loyal following.

They also show growing numbers for shares with increased ROI after using mobile wallet passes and encouraging their client base to share their contact cards with friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. 

Mobile first thinking is making things much easier for nightlife promoters.

Edge out the competition and build relationships using a mobile wallet pass. VIP hosts brand themselves to look savvy and tech sleek with them. 

Develop relationships often and early with their mobile device, thats in their hand – right outside of the club.

Just like using a paper business card or hand out, its easy to add a VIP pass to any mobile device and start social sharing.

[Listen to Episode 12: Nightclub Promoters guide their client base to events and venues that are fun and exciting]

A mobile wallet pass for nightclub promoters changes the way you’ll work and think with a mobile first experience. 

Relationships are the key to nightlife promotion. Each person on your guest list and those +1’s all want to feel special, so let them – as you impress them!

Here are three ways nightclub promoters passes into mobile phones.

Working the plan transforms the opportunity for you to expand your client base and become more engaged with regular and not-so-regular clients.

  • Curate your message – Send the right message at the right time to engage with guests of the nights events builds the relationships needed to grow and become an elite professional promoter.
  • Share features – Spread awareness of your event by sharing your pass through social media.  That way other promoters will have your pass and be able to stay in touch with you and you with them. A viral pass will allow you to engage with more of your guests – all at once!
  • A great suggestion that we tell our promoters is to a create a digital salutation. Welcome your guests to the club on their lock screen of their smartphone when they arrive. Your guests will instantly feel like a VIP as they arrive. All with the latest Apple technology – so you know it works.


As nightclub promoters, you are essential to the clubbing scene, and its important to use the right tools to impress your guests – with smart interaction by engaging with them in a seamless manner.

Using mobile to market to your clients as a nightclub promoter will extend your marketing efforts and put more money in your pocket. Talk to us at, listen to our podcasts and create an edge over your competitors when using the nightclub promoter app for your nightlife event, at any venue.