A group of small merchants in Summit NJ have already generated over 1,000 beacon triggered offers for their customer base, in an effort to work together using beacons to promote cross selling between merchants.

While we’re not entirely sure how the setup works, we did notice that the base requirement is an app that shoppers have to download – BAD MOVE in our opinion.  While it’s sometimes nice to get additional data collection via a stand alone app, the adoption rates are low enough that leveraging Apple Wallet for the offers is a more attractive means of compelling users to redeem offers, at least in our opinion.

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These guys are certainly on to the right idea, and the implementation should bring a lot of notice to shops that have symbiotic product relationships, perhaps leading to more cross promotion going forward.

Restaurant-goers who enter bring-your-own-bottle restaurants such as Rosalita’s and Tito’s will receive a pop-up offer from The Wine List to have wine or beer delivered directly to their table.

Shoppers who walk into the Sweet Nothings chocolate shop will see an invitation to walk two blocks to Ahrre’s Coffee Shop to pair coffee with their chocolate.

We’re also interested in how they’re controlling this many paired offers with the beacons and if the management will lead to too many offers popping on the customers phone at a time, potentially deterring users from keeping the app on their mobile phones.

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