In a recent article from eMarketer entitled

What Makes the Perfect Mobile Ad?  According to the article’s criteria, mobile wallet passes make up all the elements that would make the “perfect” mobile ad.  It looks like receives a perfect score! – Thanks, eMarketer.  

Here are reasons SMBs use mobile wallet passes to make up the perfect mobile ad.

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The elements that make a mobile ad is stored in a mobile wallet as Apple Wallet, a secured and trusted source. As popularity on mobile grows, mobile wallet passes make an attractive option for SMBs that use their ads spends wisely. We want all businesses to take on a mobile culture and think mobile-first when marketing to your loyal user base.

One of the more popular elements that millennials and teens enjoy using is the share features. This is what it looks like on passes:


Talk to us about using a mobile ad to gain hyper-responsive buyers in a most attractive mobile channel. The share feature is just a start with a perfect mobile ad, as a  perfect mobile ad will also engage.  

Engagement is a mobile update:


This mobile update gets attention as over 80% of users check their lock screen per day. Be seen where people are looking, mobile ads work!

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In a recent mobile roundtable session, a discussion where senior client-side marketers shared their successes and challenges in regards to mobile marketing focused on a mobile strategy saw brand awareness increase by fifty percent. Thats an outrageous number.

The group (from roundtable session) agreed that mobile strategy is all about “creating mobile experiences which consistently provide value to the user, and using analytics to learn where users are finding most value.”  Rob Thurner, Econsultancy.

Receive the perfect score, like did, the perfect mobile ad awaits any SMBs. No matter the business, make the switch to a mobile-first experience with mobile ads. Gain a better loyal following, one thats engaged in the mobile experience. Mobile ads work!