What it takes to Pin the For Sale Sign on the Lawn


To move into a new neighborhood, it takes time to get to know your neighbors, especially now that its springtime and we’ve all come out of our igloo houses in Toronto from the cold winter. Recently I came to realize, my neighbor is a real estate agent.  I knew as soon as I heard the first question asking how I liked the neighborhood, the house and if I’m interested in other houses in the area, he could show them. If you didn’t know by the first question, it was obvious from the last one.


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Then you know what happened the next day, my other next door neighbor put a For Sale sign in front of their house – boy, did my agent-neighbor miss the mark on that one. I’m sure when he saw the house for sale, he cursed to himself. Now why is it that next door neighbor didn’t use agent-neighbor, I’ll never know?



What I do know is that I see the results from all the marketing efforts he puts forward from the agent who got the listing next door, to the one who didn’t. There’s continual post cards in the mail, with clients selling houses in the area and I’m pretty certain on saw him shop at the local grocery store, just the other day. Now with it springtime, I’m noticing that this agent has a few properties in the area with his For Sale signs on them and is creeping up the ladder in becoming a top producing agent.



Just like it takes time to getting to know your neighbor, it takes time for a real estate agent to showcase their brand and establish trust with clients and the community.  Direct mail options as post cards that highlight latest listings and having ads in local papers are just some of the marketing efforts that are put forward by top producers.

To establish a foothold in the community means showing up to community events, town halls and sitings at the grocery store or gym. To bring your personal brand to the forefront takes testing out the market, tweak it to work and bringing a mobile component to enhance your tech-savvy clients and prospects with a dedicated mobile channel that showcases your personal brand.


A mobile channel allows real estate agents to promote their brand easily.


Its taking your personal brand and enlisting different marketing channels for maximum appeal. Direct mail post cards are just a start, it takes these every marketing channel available as social media, your own site and mobile to grab prospects attention to be sure that the next listing is yours and not any other top producers.


And remember, when working with a mobile channel, its a meeting point for all your other channels, making it a breeze to provide prospects with all your marketing collateral, all in one place. Share features, video tours along with Call To Action links. These CTAs are critical features as one tap to call or a tap to the address  allows prospects to easily get to your open houses and never get lost again.



When it is time to look for a real estate agent and be confident in making the right choice when they pin the For Sale sign on the lawn, be sure it is an agent that is familiar with my community, not just an agent on my street.  For those real estate agents to communicate and provide this all inclusive mobile channel, then contact us to get started today with one of account strategists.