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Yes! I am ready to double my podcast listeners with every episode!

Nearly everyone that hears a podcast is already using a mobile (iOS is the vast majority of users) and iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, etc are ALL using mobile to deliver your content each time someone accesses an episode. 

Yes, I want to get more listeners each week!

Just like building an email list or a social media presence, it’s super important to connect with listeners on their mobile and to engage them using their mobile.  Targeting them where they spend their time is crucial!

Yes, I want to leverage my listeners to grow my business!

So many people are listening to podcasts now – and the majority of listeners are planning to listen to EVEN MORE shows! Converting your podcast listeners into action users is not rocket science, but you do have to follow the formula in order to get more listeners who will take the right actions for you.
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How Does It Work for Us?

We launched our podcast (that we use to market our own business) in the summer of 2015, and we had good results.  Then we put it on hiatus (each of us moved house and Kim’s mom became ill).  So we really started from scratch again in March when we started producing fresh episodes.

One of the BEST things about Podcast Marketer is the SHARE feature – that’s right, every one of our listeners can share the pass with their friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, mastermind group, and so on…  with two taps from EACH, we’ve effectively doubled our listeners — not bad, eh?  

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Podcast listens increase each week

Listener stats increase each week using Podcast Marketer

What are we doing with Podcast Marketer that grows our business the most?


We use our podcasts to market our business, but we do it in a way that really benefits the people who use our products – 

we teach our customers how to get the best response in THEIR situation – obviously marketing a podcast or a vlog as part of your funnel is a bit different than producing a podcast that relies on ad revenue for income.

– in each episode we target a different segment of users, but we include tips and tricks that can be used in ANY vertical

How many times do you read about marketing using Facebook, Adwords, Twitter, or even radio/TV commercials and they talk about the number of contacts you need to have with a prospect in order to move them through your funnel and into the paying customers list?

It’s HARD to get prospects to engage – we know it, you know it, and anyone who says otherwise probably isn’t marketing to actual human beings  😉

Banners and interstitials are low producers, email is good, SMS is great (but risky with the legal ramifications), and things like webinars, podcasts, and video marketing are the way to really get the conversion rates you’re looking for (see the pattern here?).

So how do you get people to respond?

First you have to decide what you want them to do.  Then you need to give them the easiest way possible to do it.



The best way that we found was by sending them reminders directly to their mobile phones – that way they are in the medium, in the moment and able to take immediate action directly from their lock screen!  Yep, a couple of clicks and they are not only listening to our show, they are checking out the other stuff that we want them to see – links to product pages, Click to Call or Email us, a list of ways they can access our podcast, or specials we might be running for pass holders only.

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Great, will it work for my podcast?

Podcast Marketer works for podcasts as diverse as Tommy Chong and the NY Times Modern Love, not just for our podcast!   Let’s face it, almost everyone loves to sign up for podcasts but how many people go back to their iTunes or Stitcher accounts and listen to EVERY episode — ok, listen to more than TWO episodes — of the average podcast?

Try it for a week, what do you have to lose?

My brother, he’s addicted to the wrestling podcast (I’m not really sure what it’s about but he’s been a faithful fan of TV wrestling matches for so many years I can’t even count them!), and he hears every single one of them, but even he has some podcasts he’s “Liked” or “Subscribed” to that he doesn’t listen to and hasn’t changed his preferences for, MOSTLY because he doesn’t even remember that he clicked the box – they don’t actively send out updates and if he doesn’t log into iTunes directly he doesn’t see the little number bubble with the unplayed episodes count.

Compatible with any RSS feed driven podcast

Compatible with any RSS driven podcast

Hey, check this out!

Are you looking for people to interview on your podcast?  What better target than your existing audience?  Use one of the back field links to set up a direct click to email or click to call for people who are interested in doing interviews for your podcast!  

Adding interactive functions like interview requests, links to polls, surveys and contests are KILLER ways to get more interaction and engagement with very little effort on your part.   It’s as easy as coming up with an engaging title or caption and pasting a URL link to the content.

There are plenty of companies that will hook you up with an app, or even with mobile passes, if you’ve got at least $5,000 to shell out for starters.  (Um, I guess we should note that we’re happy to charge that if you really want to pay it lol!!!) And you don’t get anything bigger or better from these expensive companies, you just get to pay a lot more money to do the same thing.

We’ve been doing custom work for the past couple of years, but now we KNOW that this is something we need to bring to the regular people – the ones who do podcasts, webinars and video marketing – who are trying to figure out how to get more people to sign up for their programs, and more people to engage regularly with them.

This is why we created Podcast Marketer.

So we took the best part of the custom program and we broke it down into the part that is MOST IMPORTANT for getting more podcast listeners – doubling them every episode, even – and we created a SUPER SIMPLE, pay as you go plan to make it EASY for small producers to get the same results as someone like the New York Times or Tommy Chong!

Try it for a week, no obligation, no charge –

Podcast interview request on the back of the pass

Down to the nitty gritty details – keep reading –

Trigger a lock screen notification each time you update your podcast with a new episode  – subscribers can listen with direct launch links that include iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, and TuneIn.  Video content? No problem – YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo and more also launch from the back of the pass.

Social media presence – launch Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc from the back of the pass, and send users to your app download pages in the App Store and Google Play.

Geofencing and iBeacons offer two different location and context options for triggering offers when they’re most effective and resonate with the customers.  Geofencing is a ‘macro’ or wide area notification, based on the GPS function of the phone.  iBeacons are short range transmitters that are placed inside your dispensary, show booth, or other physical location where you want to attract customer attention.

Once customers have added the mobile wallet coupons to their iPhone or Android, more than 90% of them will remain in the phone – ready and waiting for new offers, specials, deals, or other information.  Push notifications let your user base know when you’ve updated a pass automatically.

Launch podcast player apps directly from the back!


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