Podcasters are finding success and want to start to monetize their podcasts; this need is seen by the popular rise of podcast distributor networks.

Why Now?

iTunes has been neglectful when in comes to podcasts. Despite that the last 10 years podcasts are still becoming a big part of mobile as the world is shifted to mobile. Kim Stuart discusses this more in her first rant of 2017.

Podcasters are now in the the hundreds of thousands and a top 200 list on iTunes is just not cutting anymore. Now that we’ve seen podcasts succeed in making money with the rise of revenue that Ira Glass on Serial has seen in the last couple of years, looking towards metrics and podcast distributor networks towards monetization of their podcasts is more appealing. 

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There’s going to be another podcasting hit that goes mainstream. It’s been over 2 years since Serial brought podcasting back into the public light and we’re due to have another blockbuster show that grabs national attention.

Brendan Regan, Rain News

In 2010 podcasting ad spends were under $100 million per year, in 2015 over $100 million. Forecasts shows spending by 2018 to near $250 million per year.

Demographics have shifted as more consumption amongst all ages with lift of millennial listeners on mobile.

What to look for in a network?

Podcast distribution networks are now catering towards podcasts that have smaller downloads yet are still significant to their niche or industry.

Podcast distribution networks offer tools for metrics and dynamic ads thats now easier to use for the typical podcaster.

Depending what your are looking for a podcast distribution network to fulfill, its now easier to get any podcast onto ad buying tools to generating revenue. Tools as part of any distribution network is looking towards the smaller podcasters.

Spreaker is one of them. The addition to their podcast network in which a lot of time and money were spent over the last year has resulted in creating their own ad revenue program. Released in January 2017, Spreakers’ Revenue Sharing Program is now in beta.

Is there value in it?

Offering a platform for podcasters to receive metrics, promise of more listener downloads and dynamic ads are leading the way. These tools will offer many levels of monetization opportunities from ads with podcasts that stay fresh with great content while building their loyal listeners.

Much of the growth in podcasting we are projecting for this year rests on the shoulders of the content creators because ultimately a flood of audio consumers…will be short-lived if the presentation, production and focus of the content cannot hold listener interest.

Dave Van Dyke, President Bridge Ratings

This is a real draw for podcasters wanting to start monetizing using a podcast distribution network.

Getting more listeners and receiving more listeners – your traffic, reinforces that your podcast will still need to receive a presence on mobile and social media with a Podcast Marketer pass to see the full benefits of ad based podcasts.

We speak to hosts and discuss their needs when it comes to their listener reach.

As the year continues on we will see a shift for podcasters to move a podcast distributors network.