Keep your podcast fresh with new topics every week, can take a toll for a host.

Each episode take a lot of time and effort to create content thats fresh and relatable to your audience.

Make your next show easier by having a podcast guest take part in the next episode. The audience will get to hear another perspective and makes them tune in.

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Where do you find guests that compliment your podcast while they gain exposure for their service or product is a great mix?

Here are four ways to find podcast guests that you may not thought of:

Ask your Audience –

Create a message that goes out as a mobile update. Think of it as a ‘cattle call’ that your audience will see right on their mobile device using a Podcast Marketer pass. Keep your audience involved with your podcast to keep them coming back – building up loyalty. Let them have a say on who can be a podcast guest on your show.

Attend a local conference or event thats part of your industry – 

Introduce yourself to others in your industry to find someone who’d be a great interview as a podcast guest.  Share a Podcast Marketer pass to people you meet to ask them to get in touch with you, as all your contact information is a tap away from calling or emailing you.

Podcast Interview Request back of pass

Search iTunes for related podcasts – 

That are similar or compliment your own podcast. See if they would be interested in being a podcast guest for your show. An attended event will have better traction for finding a podcast guest. 

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Spread the word – 

Pass the pass through Facebook and Twitter let followers know that open to podcast guests and to share the Podcast Marketer pass to them.

Finding Good Podcast Guests 1

Finding good podcast guests will grow your podcast farther and keep listeners coming back for more. Its a great way to keep your episodes fresh and content relatable to your audience.