Podcast insights sways towards a #mobilefirst experience


As you know by our articles and podcast episodes you know that we are podcast junkies. We always are discussing the latest podcasting trends and blog about what works or doesn’t work with a #mobilefirst experience for own podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy.

And like many other podcasters, we are always looking for comparable stats – which is a hard thing to do as to all podcasts are not alike, yet a baseline is hard to come by.

Over the years measuring podcast metrics using Apple stats was minimal, now with newer devices and iOS updates, much more stats come to those are more cutting edge, which is why every podcaster you listen to is urging you to upgrade, its to acquire better metrics. That and the realization that Google is playing catch up with their podcast selection to compete with iTunes.


And now in 2019 – There are some podcast insights about the listenership that us podcast junkies are itching to know as the #mobilefirst experience is what listeners are crave.

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There are some standard demographics that we know from prior history:

  • -More men listen to podcasts than women but the gap is closing from 65/35 to 56/44
  • -Year after year podcast listenership increases by 30%
  • -Listeners to podcast, listen an average of 7 shows per week.


What parts of the podcast to listeners spend the most time:


Podcast insights sways towards a #mobilefirst experience 1


Podcasts are consumed at home and in the car through their device, making mobile the place to remind your listenership of your next episode with a lock screen notification, creating a #mobilefirst experience



When a podcast is enjoyed, research shows that 94% like to share what they’re listening to on social media and tell the world about it and follow them on platforms as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Not to mention that it is one step closer to following them on. As podcasters, we share our podcast pass across all our social media platforms with one tap.

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Podcast fans are downloading more episodes, but listening to slightly less of each episode. Here are the top three genres:

Comedy, Educational and News.


Smartphones drive podcast usage which makes broadcasting your episode onto them makes sense, since its where they are listening through their device which we call a #mobilefirst experience


You know what else makes sense sharing a broadcast pass onto social media as listeners are active on multiple channels, making mobile an appealing option to promote podcasts.


Its pretty easy to leverage podcast to solidifying a #mobilefirst experience, we’ll develop a pass that works with your other marketing efforts and start to have listeners get their updates on the lock screen regularly.


Talk to us, to develop your own #mobilefirst experience.