The numbers are in!  Year over year increase in number of podcast listeners!  Um, wait, we already told you that, a few times, no?

That’s ok, you don’t have to take our word for it.

MarketingCharts has some good data on their site this week – 

Marketing Charts RAdio Listener stats


Turns out that there are a considerable number of people who are still listening to the radio – although most of them are doing it digitally instead of in their cars or with their oh-so-80s boomboxes  😉



Podcasts are up overall as well – (get more info on podcasts by clicking here)

Podcasts appear to be gaining some “momentum,” per the study’s analysts, with almost 3 in 10 listening to podcasts or on-demand radio on at least a monthly basis, and 20% doing so at least weekly. (Recent research among the US 12+ population finds 21% listening at least monthly and 13% at least weekly.) The Jacobs Media report indicates that males (21%) and Millennials (31%) are the most likely to be listening to podcasts on a weekly basis. And of those who listen at least monthly, these same groups (men; Millennials) are likewise the most likely to be listening more than last year.

Satellite radio is still sucking the hind teat, for lack of a better term – dragging up the rear with about the same numbers as people listening to their own music (iPhone, iPod) in their cars.  And obviously all those people that aren’t commuting in cars – urban/metro areas – aren’t listening to satellite radio either.

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Anyway, we thought you might want to take a peek at those numbers, just to reinforce all the good info we are always giving you.