Get more podcast listeners with mobile updates

Podcasts fail – lots of them do, I’m not saying yours will. Some fail due to all kinds of reasons, lack of focus, zero passion and poor marketing

I know your not one of those podcasters. You put in efforts – the blood, sweat and tears that go into a podcast that are not immediately recognizable,  its a delayed response seen through daily increase downloads working hard, being diligent  releasing the latest podcast, its time consuming what goes into putting out a podcast episode.

And thats only one side of the coin – the other side of the coin is reach – reaching out to subscribers in an easy method to inform your audience, subscribers and listeners of the next episode.

Here’s a past episode of a podcast we did:

Get More Podcast Listeners with Mobile Updates 1

This is a mobile update of the podcast – how it looks on a lock screen to engage listeners to listen and listen now, all from a mobile device. 

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More than 85% of podcast listens happen on a mobile device, be sure that you reach to them right on the lock screen.

Get More Podcast Listeners with Mobile Updates 2

Now  – this is our Podcast Marketer pass using our podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy to inform subscribers and listeners of your latest podcast.

on the flip side of the pass are listen links of the episode.

Get More Podcast Listeners with Mobile Updates 3

Its really that convenient for any listener to be notified of you new episode and subsequently played.

Its really really easy for any podcast to do this using mobile updates, its as easy as filling out a form.

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Nowadays its expected to survive with your podcast by having  and executing a marketing strategy is a mobile one. We know its it tough putting out fresh content from one to the next, week after week. We also know that exactly what other podcaster are doing make it easier for yourself. 

Get more podcast listeners with mobile updates and be on track in gaining listenership.