Podcast Marketing with Mobile Wallet Passes

Mobile wallet passes are GREAT for podcast marketing.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, the NY Times agrees with us completely, and you can read about it in MarketingLand.com’s piece about their integration for their podcast series, Modern Love.

So you’re probably sitting there thinking, “why would I want to do this? who would use this? what’s the point?“, and while I don’t blame you for not seeing the bigger picture, it does lead me to explain it to you…  If you’re not quite sure what mobile wallet marketing is, here’s a quick primer to bring you up to speed.

The main point of having a podcast is getting subscribers who listen to what you have to say.   Hopefully listening on a regular basis, especially if you are building a podcast with the intent of monetizing it with advertising or as part of a network.  Just like a radio or TV show, more is better here, from a listener perspective when advertisers come a-calling  😉

So What Can Mobile Wallet Passes Do for My Podcast Marketing?

In a nutshell, mobile wallet passes enable you to reach out to users every time you have an update – and to do it via the phone’s lockscreen.  We recently took a look at the listener statistics for one of the larger podcast networks – and their user base was tuning in via iOS almost 80% of the time – 79.9% to be exact.

Apple Wallet is the most cost effective, simple solution for mobile wallet marketing – it doesn’t require you to build an app, have a technical support person, or even find consumers who will download the app onto their devices.  Apple does ALL THE WORK FOR YOU in this respect.  Wallet is a native app, it can’t be deleted or disabled; it’s used to power other popular parts of iOS such as Apple Pay, and it’s gaining notice for all kinds of successful marketing use cases.

Ok, great, but I’m still not sure what you’re actually talking about.

Tommy Chong Podcast Marketing via Mobile Wallet Pass

The Parts of the Mobile Wallet Marketing Pass

This is an iPhone (obviously, but hey…) and on this iPhone screen is a mobile wallet marketing pass created and distributed in Apple Wallet.  This is the front of the pass, the back also contains a ton of customizable information to help with podcast marketing. 

From top to bottom, the pass contains:

  • Podcast network logo – in the upper left corner
  • Graphic for the podcast being marketed (in this case, Tommy Chong’s new podcast)
  • Information about the podcast and the episode (these are updated with new episode releases)
  • QR code that enables other iPhones to scan the pass and install into their Wallet app with one click
  • Share button in bottom left (another snazzy way that Apple lets people send their friends the passes via email, SMS, iMessage, Airdrop, and other connected apps)
  • “i” – information button in lower right corner – press this and the back of the pass flips over to reveal all the goodies stored there.

This is the back side of a mobile wallet pass in the Apple Wallet on iPhone. 

The pass offers the option of sending notifications directly to the lock screen on the users phone when the pass is updated – meaning that every time you release a new episode, you can easily push a message to subscribers who have downloaded your pass into their iPhone, and they can open iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, Soundcloud and more with a single tap on the back of their pass.  

That’s right.  The list of apps you can launch directly from the back of the pass includes:

  • Maps
  • Phone or Email
  • Safari
  • YouTube, Vimeo, or other audio & video players
  • iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, Soundcloud or other podcast players
  • LInkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & other social media apps
  • Nearly anything that can be launched from a URL-type link
Podcast Marketing Mobile Wallet Pass Back View

Ok, great, how long does it take to set up?  How do the updates work?

Normally it takes about two business days to set up, once we’ve received your graphics, list of links and verbiage, and any other special instructions.    We’ll create your pass and send you a copy for approval or revisions, and once the look and feel match your podcast marketing materials, you’re good to go.


Claim your copy of the Podcast Marketing Guide book here


We’ll hand you back some marketing graphics and a simple strategy list of points that you’ll want to follow in order to get as many of your listeners to subscribe as possible – think of it the same way you would think of building your email list, or your social media followers – it takes a bit of time to get your numbers up (but we did mention that 90%+ of installed passes remain installed, didn’t we?)

Basic plans include updates once each week, with a 24 hour turnaround time on our side.  Updates can include the front (main graphic, episode title, etc) or the back links (swap out offers, add partner links, push relevant information to your subscribers).  If you update your podcast more often than weekly, we have other plans and are happy to talk with you about them.

Have an out of the box idea for marketing your podcast via mobile wallet passes?  We’d love to hear it!  We can help you with geofencing or iBeacon triggered notifications, set special date/time events for you, or set you up with a plan that allows you to ‘daisy chain’ pass installs for other products or events you might be organizing.

For more information and pricing, click here – https://mobilewalletmarketer.com/podcast-broadcast-mobile-wallet-marketing-passes/


Drop us a line, give us a call, send a carrier pigeon or fan a smoke signal our way to talk more about how you can engage and communicate with your podcast audience using mobile wallet passes for podcast marketing. 

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