Podcast marketing plans don’t show up in your stocking on Christmas morning.

That’s right, Virginia!  These kind of things don’t really decide to make themselves.  It requires you, dear reader, to get off your duff and figure out what you want to do with your podcast next year.

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Next year could be a big year in podcasts.  This year has certainly been crazy:

Serial launch.

That’s enough to boggle the mind.  Never have so many downloaded so many episodes so fast.  Is it a one off?  Maybe.  It’s very hard to duplicate that kind of success with smaller, less organized (and funded) podcasts, so we’ll focus on the smaller things that do matter to most of the podcasting sphere.

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Apple – on again, off again.

Stats, no stats, what’s the real deal here?  You know that WWDC promised to deliver some ‘real stats’ by the end of the year, and we’ve yet to see anything materialize from it at all.

This is a big deal, no matter which direction Apple ends up going with it (and then they recently acquired Shazam, so it’s really impossible to know if they’re going to incorporate anything from that platform into their podcasting ecosphere), the idea that there will be real stats is such a great thing that other companies are looking way more closely at how to manage it.

Seriously Simple gets serious about stats.

We use Seriously Simple Podcasting for WordPress to manage our podcast, and the latest, if slightly buggy at this moment, version, promises to expand on stats in a big way for the moment.

We’ve seen the addition of more stats, broken down by episode, and lists of all time best episodes.  There’s still a lot of improvements that can be made, but things don’t move very quickly in this world, as we all know.

New demographics in the breakdowns.

Super listeners – who are these elusive folks and how do you reach them effectively?  Honestly, we have no idea.  If someone is listening to a podcast at double the speed, how can you really be sure what they are hearing and missing in your podcast?  So we’ll leave them out of our suggestions on this go round.

The fast way to create your podcast marketing plans.

  1.  Download the 3 Steps to Creating a Mobile Campaign Strategy worksheet that’s linked above.
  2.  Fill in the blanks, get your results and get ready to implement.
  3.  Use mobile to leverage your audience – they are, after all, listening to your podcast on mobile in about 80% of cases.

How can you use mobile to leverage your audience?

That part is really simple, and it’s staring you in the face – Podcast Broadcast – we see a noticeable bump in listens, downloads and subscribes every time we do a blast with ours.   If you aren’t familiar with the product, take a look in the top right if you’re on a desktop screen or down below this post if you’re using mobile – the section titled “Get Our Updates on Mobile” uses mobile wallet campaigns to keep listeners up to date on episodes and other info that we want to pass out.

We alternate launching the new podcast episode and getting the organic Google, Apple, etc traffic (if you haven’t listed your podcast with Google Play, then you’re missing a fantastic way to get some extra love from the Big G) in week one of our cycle with sending out a lock screen notification to all of our subscribers using mobile wallet technology in week two.

We do some other outreach through the year using mobile wallet campaigns as well – we’ll run contests, give away specials, cross promote with partners, that sort of thing.  We always get a good reaction to our lock screen notifications.

Our one big plan for mobile marketing campaigns and podcast marketing plans going forward:

We are thinking of increasing the number of lock screen notifications that we send in the new year.   We’ve been very gently and very delicately honing our messaging with our user base, but there are any number of our clients and others using mobile campaigns that are taking a bit more aggressive tack.

So our plan is to increase the frequency of the messaging, to include recycling older episodes into the mix.  We’ve been seeing a lot of success using social media to “refresh” the older episodes and get them in front of more people – leading to better listen rates, and it’s very likely that we can do the same thing with the mobile wallet passes and get good results.

In any case, we’ll report back on whether or not it’s working for us.  Have a good one!