Podcast Marketing Using Mobile Wallet Subscription Reminders 1

One of the most simple and effective ways to communicate and engage with your podcast subscribers is by using mobile wallet passes to notify them when you release a new episode.  


Used by companies such as the NY Times, for their popular series, Modern Love, offering subscribers the chance to receive lock screen notifications directly to their iPhones via Apple Wallet offers you the chance to do more than just speak to your listeners.

Let’s take a quick look at the things you can offer subscribers with a mobile wallet pass notification:


  • Let them know you’ve got a new episode – include the name of the episode on the updated pass front
  • Provide them with links to interesting content on your web site or in your app
  • Offer them direct links to podcast platforms and episodes on iTunes, Spreaker, Stitcher, etc
  • Run contests or other promotions using click-to-call or click-to-email responses directly from the back of the pass
  • Launch live apps on the iPhone such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Maps, and more
  • Swap out offers for your own products or encourage them to check out partner/advocate/affiliate promotions directly from the back of the pass
  • Encourage them to share your podcast with friends and co-workers via one-click sharing
Promote your podcast with mobile wallet marketing on iPhone
Back Side of Podcast Marketing Pass

<——–     This is the back of a mobile wallet pass used for podcast marketing. 

These include:


  • iTunes URLs or ITMS files (launch the iTunes application directly from the back)
  • Other URLs for podcast, video or webinar episodes hosted remotely (launch Spreaker/Stitcher/YouTube/Vimeo/etc directly)
  • Addresses launch the Maps application (directly from the back)
  • Phone numbers – Click to Call promotions (launch the Phone app directly)
  • Email addresses – Click to Email promotions (launch Email app directly)
  • Social media URLs – launch your linked social media pages in their native apps directly from the back of the pass

Ok, great, how does this work?  Is it hard to set up?  

Podcast marketing using mobile wallet passes is very similar to building an email list or a social media following – if you don’t promote it to your listeners, they won’t install the passes on their mobile devices and you won’t be able to notify them when you have cool new stuff.

That’s really where the similarities end; mobile wallet marketing is such a crazy effective way to engage with prospects –

  1. 15x more effective than email campaigns alone
  2. 90% + keep installed passes in the wallet after the initial promotion ends
  3. Add location (geofencing) and proximity (iBeacons) notifications if you’re involved in a ‘real world’ event – think SXSW, AQS Quilt Week, AdTech, Affiliate Summit, MacWorld, pretty much any conference, trade show or meetup that involves people going somewhere to attend. 
  4. Use the mobile phone without incurring SMS charges or running afoul of SMS restrictions and fines
  5. One click sharing with friends, co-workers and total strangers  ;-}



And no, it’s not hard to set up.  

Turnaround time on new accounts is generally less than 48 hours.

The standard podcaster broadcast package includes one update each week (both sides of the pass) with 24 hour turnaround time.  If you want to pre-load a list of episode titles and release dates that are updating, that’s fine too.

We can also add iBeacon UUIDs, geofencing coordinates and any additional links or changes to links on the back in the weekly update.