Taking podcast promotion to the next marketing level entails making the move to mobile to increase listens, download and shares.

Since our podcast was launched, our podcasts have come a long way, we’re now able to share our client’s experiences and provide better suggestions to further develop a mobile-first culture.

A mobile experience with a podcast promotion results in 80% listeners – move to mobile. 

Look our listenership increase in recent days:

125% increase count Jan 2017

double increase count

These were first seen on our Twitter account @DominoResearch

one episode resulted in increases when using a podcast marketer pass

Our podcast is not new nor notable, its not cracked the top 200 iTunes list – yet our podcast promotion is growing with an increase in listeners and shares.

When Kim and I do podcasts, we have a groove, I’m more comfortable speaking and hosting episodes then I used to be. When I listen to older episodes, I can see how we’ve evolved and have more fun with it. 

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Here are 5 podcast promotion ideas that we use to keep our listeners tuning in:

  1. Listen to other podcasts that you enjoy listening to and see their style to pick up and tips or tricks to attract attention to themselves.
  2. Try a catchphrase to use, – an old hosts trick like Howard Stern’s – “Baba – booey!” Remember The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, “ Here’s Johnny!” that Ed McMahon bellowed on a nightly basis.
  3. Involve guests to your podcasts. Interview an influencer in your industry. Its a great strategy to use with a mobile wallet campaign for your podcast promotion.
  4. Take callers or read fan emails. – your fans want to know that that they’ve acknowledged – read fan mail and take some calls, it also makes for a great time filler for a slower moving episode.
  5. On our podcast, Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy – we promote our podcast sharing through social media.



Here’s how it works:

Look at how some recent episodes have done when we promote it using our Podcast Marketer pass, like ours


Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy Podcast Pass

A mobile update makes it easy to promote your latest episode.




A smooth transition from listen now reminder to a listen link on the back of the pass – this increases listens when podcast notifications and listen remain on the same mobile device.


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Tap our share button on the back of Podcast Marketer pass:



Share the next episode of your podcast like we do. One tap to Facebook or Twitter or any other social media profile you may have.  – all done on mobile increase podcast promotion that works.

Use these 5 tips of podcast promotion to increase listeners, downloads and promote the podcast marketer pass to gain more shares to further create your mobile-first culture. Talk to us, we deal with podcasters, just like you everyday.