As a New Year is among us, I took a quick look back to the podcasting in this last year and its been a great one overall.

We’re seeing our best year so far, as our podcast listeners have doubled, our engagement rates with our podcast marketer pass have ballooned when we send out updates of our latest episode.

Not only that but our stats now have more features brought to us by Seriously Simple Podcasting. I’m sure if you use a proxy feed like Libsyn or Stitcher you’re seeing the latest stats that iTunes is providing to podcast producers. – yet they’re only optimized with the latest protocols.



We saw one of our podcast be so popular that its climbed up to the number spot in a matter of weeks!

And just when you thought you had your ad budget set for the first quarter of 2018 using Facebook paid ads to increase your podcast listeners, Facebook’s hammer came down on us out of nowhere to announce that sponsored content in there news feeds are stopped.   Ahhhh!

Leaving not only marketers to quickly come with ways to boost their traffic, but as a grave reminder that its their platform and their rules.

Both mobile and email marketing our cemented in the fact that its your own leads and not a bunch of followers that can disappear in an instant like a puff of smoke. 

Facebook recent announcement  has all of us frazzled on what to do with our paid ad budgets that we were going to use for Facebook ads to increase listener base.

Mobile is now on the forefront of further the lead in traffics especially for podcast traffic – as already over 80% of listeners listen while on their device.

With stats and new traffic sources abruptly turning towards mobile, it make it even more prudent to share with you Kim and I favorite Facebook groups where knowledgable podcast producers go to keep their podcast fresh and learn from one another.

These Facebook groups are closed groups that are welcoming to new adds and are great supportive community for podcast producers to gain knowledge from other experiences.

Cut The Bullshit Podcasting

This group is all about sharing our experiments, successes, and setbacks in our podcasting journeys, and we all benefit from a diverse, supportive community. They believe in honest feedback delivered with tact, vulnerability

Podcasters’ Support Group

This group is a meeting place for podcasters old and new to keep in touch, swap tips, seek advice about technical stuff or interviews or general podcast-related business; and, overall, it’s here for us to cheer each other up through the lonely grind that podcasting sometimes/often/always is.

Podcast Movement Community – For Podcasters

This is a place for people who are podcasters, looking to become a podcaster, or who are members of the podcasting industry!

Podcast Guest Experts

Great community to get expert guests onto your podcast or become one for another podcast.


Learn from these Facebook groups and start paying attention to how they increase listenership. A Podcast Marketer pass increases when using mobile updates, contact us to show you how.