Podcast popularity is on the rise…

partially thanks to podcast success of NPR’s Serial. Podcasts are being listened to right on mobile. The potential of podcasts stats, the real numbers that include listens increase continued over the last few years, a benchmark for podcasts’ listenership is subscription and downloads.

Its difficult to get accurate information for each episode making it hard to get real numbers for podcast stats because the medium itself is decentralized. Consumption happens across different devices.

What is the real number of podcast stats, anyway?

Here’s the problem when measuring podcast stats with iTunes:

  • iTunes doesn’t provide stats for its podcasts.
  • Not everyone uses iTunes to downloads or listens off them.
  • iTunes doesn’t supply details of the download itself.

Unfortunately it impossible in its current state to find information as simple as if the person started to download an episode, where they started or stopped. Podcasters scratch their heads wondering how long and where people listen in an episode.

There are other with using iTunes to stream podcasts through web browsers, mobile apps rather than a download and its downloads that iTunes measures to rank podcasts.

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There are ways to track and collect some podcast metrics. We host our own podcast and use plugins and analytics to watch our podcast episodes grow with our Podcast Marketer pass.

Here are other ways to create podcast stats to find real numbers without relying on iTunes:

  • Build the feed through WordPress podcast plugin
  • Podcast stats platforms
  • Distribution networks 

Podcasters can look for hosted solutions that provide stats or use Spreaker for dynamic ads to generate revenue for themselves and in return give them your podcast stats

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Once Apple decides to release the latest metrics for podcasters, s we will see what happens with third party podcast platforms and distribution networks.

Be sure to create your own organic traffic with a Podcast Marketer pass directly to mobile. where most podcast listens happen. In fact, over 85% of them do. and thats a real number that’s part of any podcast stats.