Podcasts about podcasting are plentiful – we decided to take a look at a few of them.

Podcasting is growing in popularity and more people seem to be launching new shows in the past few months than you can shake a stick at…  there are whole new podcast universes being created, by big time media companies and other well funded groups.

Then there is the mom n pop podcast – no big sponsor, no big producer, just podcasting away for their own enjoyment almost…   but sometimes these guys get crazy popular in a niche, you never can predict.

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Last but not least, we have those that are into podcasting because they use it as a business tool.  We will be painted with the guilty brush for this one, we’ll go ahead and tell you that up front.  We produce an episode every other week (generally speaking), and about 10% of our episodes are about successfully marketing your podcast, no matter what your end game is designed to net.

Let’s talk about some podcasting, folks!

#1 – We’re going to lead in here with our own podcast – Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy – as previously mentioned, about 10% of the episodes are devoted to podcast marketing, podcasting success, and how to get your podcast off the ground.  We would give it two thumbs, but that’s probably because we’re biased lol!

#2 – The Podcast Report – Paul Colligan hosts this podcast and he’s a pretty clever guy from the looks of it.   He’s got a variety of how-to episodes to help you actually create and produce your podcast, along with a number of episodes that focus on making money with your podcast.  We’ll give it 1.5 thumbs.

#3 – The Podcasters Studio – this is another great show with tons of tutorials on the how to of actually producing your podcast and getting it on the air properly!  While they don’t update the show as often as they used to, they are about to hit 100 episodes by our count (and iTunes) so that’s definitely an accomplishment – we’re going with 1.75 thumbs on this show.

#4 – Profitcast – This is from a guy called The Real Brian.  We’re not thrilled with his name, but we’re always suspect of anyone calling themselves the “real” version of themselves to be honest.  With a focus on monetizing and profiting from podcasting efforts, you know that we’re bound to like this one.  Sadly, we can’t get past this name thing and only award it 1.5 thumbs.

#5 – Powerpress – this one is brought to you by the good folks at Blubrry, which is a big software provider for sites running WordPress and producing podcasts.  (We don’t use them, we use Seriously Simple Podcasting) They’ve got a slew of good info packed into 25 episodes and they update about every two weeks.  If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, you should look into their plugin (as well as Seriously!).  Two thumbs up.

#6 – She Podcasts – whether you’ve got the double X chromosomes or the combo set, you’d probably want to take a listen to a couple of random episodes from the series.  These chicks are knowledgeable and have lots to say about podcasting in general, not just about being female and podcasting.   Two thumbs up.

#7 – Spreaker Live Show with Rob Greenlee – It’s true, Kim has a secret friendship with Rob, and that’s one reason that she loves his show… but that’s certainly not the only reason!  (Um, actually Kim didn’t even know that Rob had his own show until we pointed it out to her last week!)  Rob is like a technical whiz, he’s head of content at Spreaker, and an all around great guy to get advice from and quiz like mad.  He’s also super nice, so he’s got that going for him as well – two thumbs up!

What have we learned about podcasting?

Well, probably not that much if we’re being honest.  What we have found are some remarkable podcasts that you can subscribe to, listen to, and learn from, especially if you’re trying to grow your podcast or make a viable business from it.

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It’s a lot of work, and unless you’re just creating it for your own personal entertainment, you really have to spend the time and effort to get it out there.  iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, etc – they’re not going to do it for you.

Developing a loyal audience takes time, and getting your loyal fans to share your content with their friends, neighbors, co-workers and family is sometimes a big hurdle to overcome.  But it will happen if you work smart and get sound advice from everyone who has a successful podcast.  Not all the tricks work in every niche, but finding out what makes one show successful can certainly help you decide if it will work for your show.