We didn’t know how to promote a podcast. Here’s all we learned.


Many blogs discuss the launch of your podcast, but what about after the launch, six to twelve months down the road? Being listed on iTunes, is just that  – a podcast on a list with approximately 30,000 others. We applied our marketing strategy to Podcast Marketer pass to promote our podcast.


  • Gained results by adopting more listeners through our pass Podcast Marketer.
  • Engage with our listeners informing them of our next episode by sending mobile updates
  • Better user experience with listen links from our pass



Your listeners are your fanbase. Gain more subscribers by sharing your podcast through to any social media platform. Pass the Podcast Marketer pass on to other listeners through social media. A Podcast Marketer uses social share features: encourage your listeners to share the episode directly through the links on the back of the pass. Share the pass to Facebook or Twitter.


Here’s what it looks like from Twitter:

    Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy Podcast Pass






A mobile update is a simple notification that engages subscribers to listen to the next episode. Here’s what a mobile update looks like from our podcast Mobile Wallet Marketing Made Easy






Engagement with our listeners is key method to our mobile marketing strategy. Updates on our site is a passive marketing method, as interested listeners come to a site to see when the next podcast is released.


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Our listenership expects to hear from us through our Podcast Marketer pass. It provides a more fluid way to engage with listeners that are reminded from the device that they are mostly likely to listen from.


As 82% of mobile podcast listening happens from a mobile device.


Leverage your audience by giving them a better user experience with listening to your podcast right from their smartphone. Listen links are effective way to promote your podcast on a Podcast Marketer pass.






Subscribers are more likely to listen right from our pass using featured listen links installed onto the back of the pass. Once a podcast episode is released, 79 percent of those who download a podcast listen immediately, and 87 percent within 48 hours, says Edison’s Tom Webster, v.p. for strategy and marketing.”


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We use it week after week to remind our listeners of our latest episode.


We gained result by adopting more listeners and promote your podcast with Podcast Marketer. As these mobile marketing strategies work with our podcast than they will work with yours. Podcast Marketer pass is a smooth mobile cycle that engages with listeners with mobile updates.