Last month I discussed the success of top NBA teams using iBeacons throughout their arenas using proximity marketing to provide a better user experience. 

This month were discussing top trade shows using iBeacons to engage and communicate with attendees on a mobile level. Proximity technology is adopted by large scale events and conferences.

Three large scale events that explored leveraging proximity are:

  • Mobile World Congress
  • Slush 2015
  • High Point Market in North Carolina

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Its a natural fit for Mobile World Congress to use iBeacon technology throughout their conference. As a mobile first conference, the MWC’s goal is to enhance attendee experience.

Over 100,000 attendees, this four day conference used iBeacons improve exhibitors attraction to their booth using proximity notifications. The results are more than half the attendees turned on location services and more than half the exhibitors attended used iBeacons saw notifications about nearby exhibitors interacted at a rate of 7.2 higher than industry average. MSC saw a 200% increase in with mobile users and 90% engaged within the venue.

Xavier Casals, GSMA’s Technology and Mobile Innovation Lead, has this to say about using iBeacon experience “ Location-based marketing help us to accomplish our goal: To deliver the best possible experience to the mobile user”. MWC was able to connect exhibitors with attendees to bring them to their booth.

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Slush, the largest European start up and investor event deployed 140 beacons throughout their 27,000  square meter venue to reach their 15,000 attendees.

Used in 14,000 instances a breaking down as 70% iOS loaded and 30% Android.

Their objective is to enable visitors to access all the vent information in a more engaging method.

“The proximity solution…” says Miki Kuusi Co-Founder and CEO of Slush “…provides something extraordinary to our right stages, demo stand and restaurants easily through the app, Highly recommended!”

One hundred year old trade show, High Point Market in North Carolina is spread across the entire city. Needless to say, logistics is a challenge that proximity messaging was able to resolve and improve the attendee experience.

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Its a two day event that sprawls close to 1000 iBeacons across 300,000 square feet of city including buildings. The goal was to enable 75,000 attendees having installing the app and navigate around exhibitors with minimal effort. Using a partner to map out the exhibitor list and placement of iBeacons, they were able to move attendees flow easily throughout exhibitors, allowing for increased foot traffic at their booths.

Tom Conley, President and CEO of the High Point Market Authority discusses taking the attendee experience to the next level “We had a complicated navigational challenge before us. Using Beacons…” continues on “…was the ideal solution. The technology integrated smoothly…”

A sparked connection at these large scale events by tapping into attendees mobile phones had a high success rate when using proximity marketing.  Thinking mobile first using iBeacons improved a better user experience and higher engagement rate.

These events will continue to use proximity updates on mobile phones for their events. No matter the size of your event, conference or trade show, Mobile Wallet Marketer provides the ability to keep communicating by engaging and interacting with your attendees throughout the event. Talk to us on adding value to your next event.