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Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools  – Maximize Investment with Mobile


Modern day real estate sales have very little in common with the tried and true versions of yesterday.

What if I tell you that both are correct?  Will you believe me?

Here’s a quick list of the “old” style real estate agent marketing tools –

  • Direct mail postcards – these were super effective in their day, and according to this article on Trulia pro, they still are one of the more engaging ways to generate leads.   They need to be sent repeatedly, and if the timing is not right, they’re more apt to land in the trash than anywhere else.
  • Newspaper advertising – how many of you remember the days of the Sunday circulars in the local newspaper?  Huge editions, Home & Garden section, all the open houses for the day and the week listed there.  Lots and lots of articles about home maintenance and decorating, and the ad sales were brisk for all things home related.  I’m not entirely sure there’s a special Sunday edition of that many mid market and smaller papers any more.
  • Magazine and periodical inserts – local magazines, designed around community lifestyles, used to be (and sometimes still are) freely available at the checkout stand or in racks at the front of the greengrocers or the druggist.  Usually printed on heavy stock, short on content and rich with advertising, a good number of these wound up on coffee tables and magazine racks.  Realtor inserts, usually in the tear out form, were part of the package.
  • Flyers – distributed door to door, often by kids, not all drop-offs were created equal.  My fridge is still littered with magnet-backed ‘shopping lists’ that are custom printed with an agents contact information.
  • Customer referrals – by far and away, THE MOST EFFECTIVE method of getting new clients.  No one is happier than someone who has just bought or sold a house, and most of the time, happy clients will tell anyone and everyone who asks what agent they used.

Great, you’re saying.  Thanks for that outdated list of what used to work.

But hold on a minute – each of these old style methods has not gone away or been replaced; each one has transitioned into a newer, more modern, version – one that, today, produces results that can be measured in real time – good or bad.

Let’s take a closer look at the ‘replacements’ for these real estate agent marketing tools and how their effectiveness can be measured and amplified.  

That’s right, I said amplified.   It doesn’t take an extreme amount of effort or know-how to supercharge the results, there’s a very simple mechanism that we’ll talk about later in the post that will show you to maximize your ROI for every dollar you spend marketing and working on your lead generation.

  • Email marketing – while direct mail has not been completely replaced by email, they now share an equally important place in the toolbox.  Targeted email marketing is one of the most efficient methods of reaching prospects and communicating messages TO them.  With the number of mail sending services available, it’s also simple to measure opens, how far into the email the recipient has read, and whether or not they clicked through any links.
  • Website listings – I bring up Michael Hyatt occasionally and I will do it again now –“if you don’t have a website, you flat out don’t exist…” –
  • not an absolute, but very important. The house next door to me sold recently without the listing agent having a website but it took a bit longer than most houses in my neighborhood.  This equates to the newspaper listing of old.
  • Social media posts and advertising – with the wide variety of social elements in play these days, we could liken magazines or periodicals – think glossy pics, lots of white space, etc to Pinterest; with the number of users and the hyper-targeting that’s available with Facebook, we can easily substitute this for dropping off flyers in the neighborhood.
  • Customer referrals – this part hasn’t changed, particularly, but the way that people share certainly has changed, dramatically.  Ask someone for contact information, and they’re likely to text, email or AirDrop it to you instead of writing it down on a piece of paper and handing it to you!

So what can you do to maximize the investment in time and energy, not to mention money, that you’re investing in the transition to these new tools?

My first and best suggestion is going to be to start using the power of mobile.
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Yep, that’s right.  Mobile.  I could give you loads of stats about how 182 million (MILLION!) US consumers are already using smartphones.  Or how more than half of these people use their smartphones before they make a purchase — even a small one like a new pair of shoes.

More important than any of those stats and facts and figures, is what mobile can do for your marketing and sales efforts.  It’s like a giant amplifier.

Put your property listings directly into smartphones.  

Realtor Mobile Wallet Marketing PictureWhen you’re posting on social media or adding a property to your featured homes on your website, make it EASY for a potential buyer to get unlimited and immediate access to the property on their iPhone.

Make it EASY on yourself, with the ability to update listings, notify potential buyers of price changes, offers being made and more – IN REAL TIME.

How many of your real estate agent marketing tools allow you to do that?  How many of them make it so easy and simple that you can do it in 5 minutes or less?  How many of them offer you the chance to keep your contact information in the prospects smartphone so they can give that info to their friends, co-workers and neighbors with a couple of clicks?

Think about it.

Mobile Wallet Marketing for Realtors, Agents, Brokers

Mobile Wallet Marketing for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

+ Property listing passes installed directly into smartphones

+ Update listing passes with price reductions, offers, etc

+ Convert to comparable properties, real estate agent info and more

+ Increase engagement with prospects who are not ready to transact yet

Awesome! More information heading your way, in the meantime, check your inbox for a confirm 🙂

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